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User Rating: 3.1 (27 votes)

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action in this video game adaptation of the hit board game. In order to escape the ever advancing zombie horde, players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the heliport and certain escape. The only problem is, the zombies are everywhere, they appear to be very hungry and your opponents would really prefer if you didn't escape. However, there’s no need to take this horde on your own. The Windows 8 game allows up to 4 other human or AI players to join in on the fun. AI players can be chosen from 10 different characters, each with a unique play style.

Take on the Standard Game Mode, building your game board one tile at a time and killing zombies within the confines of the official Zombies!!! rules. Generated Town Mode drops the players into a premade town with Zombies in wait to make you there next meal. Survival Mode is the ultimate test: you versus a town full of zombies! How long can you last?


• Survive a Zombie-infested town in a race to the rescue chopper!
• Play as your Xbox Avatar!
• Re-Live the popular board game experience!
• All NEW Survival Horror Mode - Just you versus a town full of zombies, Can you survive?
• Player tokens can be male or female character
• Brand new high quality HD art style
• Play Standard Mode or find helicopter tile faster in Quickplay
• Contains original card art from ZOMBIES!!! Boardgame

File Size: 271.00 MB License: Shareware Price: $4.99
Platform: Windows 8, Windows 8 ARM
Downloads: Total: 94 | This Month: 1 Released: 2013-03-20
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