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Virtual Blackboard is a unique and innovative educational-cum-presentation tool with new functionalities. It is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tools. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation for better explanation on the screen. It is useful for professionals, teachers, parents, students as well as novice. This product saves 90% of expenditure in using paper, color and writing accessories. This tool ensures utter satisfaction in users in their teaching and learning process.

Through Virtual Blackboard, teachers can teach with their own ways or methodologies. Thus they have flexibility in their own way so that they will feel more confident in class. Otherwise, imitating other's digital content will need more time for the teachers to learn and teach in the class. It will help the teachers in easiest way to teach course contents period-wise, covering all working days of the academic session and it will record all class sessions for student use.

Use Virtual Blackboard software and redefine the new way of writing and drawing without pen and paper.

Key features:

Presentation features
You can open PPT files or sequential images and present through this tool. It automatically saves presented presentation with voice-over.

Writing and typing features
You can write using different colors and effects. Even you can type your text contents and apply text styles with colors.

Drawing and coloring tools
It has all necessary drawing tools. Using these tools you can draw graphics using colors and save it as digitized data.
Capture files with voice-over
When you write and draw something during your presentation/teaching/study, it automatically saves along with voice-over.
Modify and append in captured files
After saving any file, you can open and modify it. You can also append more information to the selected file.
Replay captured files
You can open any file from captured list and replay it. Even you can navigate and see as it was captured.
Background Libraries
You can download background libraries and install through Virtual Blackboard settings. You can load backgrounds as per your topic.

File Size: 8.900390625 MB License: Demo Price: $49.99
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Downloads: Total: 194 | This Month: 15 Released: 2011-08-19
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