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Trendz is a Windows 8 Store App that "Modernizes" your Facebook experience!

Want a fresh and crisp look to your Facebook feeds?
Don't have enough time to go through all the feeds?
Annoyed with FB Ads?
Fed up scrolling through all those junk feeds from apps?
Wish you could see comments, likes, faster?
No problem. Trendz is here.

Trendz will categorize your feeds into Tweets, News, Videos and Photos, prioritize them based on the number of comments, likes and display the most talked about posts in the awesome Modern UI. It also gives you the normal Facebook stream in awesome Modern UI, allows you post status updates and comments and also like posts.

It will also allow you to share posts via any other app that supports the share contract. And also has a live tile that is updated with the latest posts! You also get to see your latest notifications, birthdays and events.

It has unique Live List View which shows all that is happening on Facebook on the animated start page! Another unique feature is that you can choose the color of each tile category and personalize the foreground and background colors and also have dual tone or a single tone theme. And what's more is this personalization goes along where you go, so regardless of the device you log on, your theme will be there with you.

For more details, latest updates and to get in touch with the community at homepage or mail us email


Trendz Now, cut through the clutter, see the most popular, the most relevant feeds, and categorized!
Friends Now, stay connected to the people you care the most!
Facebook Now, your Facebook stream Modernized!
Live and Animated home page, buzzes with real time Facebook activity
Secure, we make use of Facebook's OAuth2 authentication and because of that we don't have access to your credentials
Your app, your style. You choose your kind of color for each tile category. Dual tone, single tone, foreground, background, all customizable. These colors roams with you!
Touch, cimment, like, post updates!

File Size: 10 kB License: Freeware Price: FREE
Platform: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64
Downloads: Total: 145 | This Month: 1 Released: 2013-02-18
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