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tIDE is a small, easy to use yet powerful and full featured Java integrated development environment (IDE) designed to help you develop your applications.

More precisely: tIDE is a small, powerful, quick, efficient, easy and open framework to create 100% Java applications.

Try tide, you'll be astonished by its simplicity and rapidity. No installation is required. A single click on the JNLP and the IDE is on your screen ! An import tool let you import the main settings of any existing Eclipse, NetBeans or Schmortopf project.


A Log-likelihood word statistics & compare tool lets you discover relevant terms of your projects and compare them together.
tRun lets you launch methods, constructor and fields directly. Even private methods ! even non static ! The only requirement is to have an empty constructor (as for JUnit).
Usage: right click on any field or method in the editor and choose the tRun entry. or press Ctrl+F10 at caret. Standard parameters (String, int, Color, ...) are queried with intelligent defaults and remembered. Standard return values (String, Component, ...) are displayed.
Support for the MIT Type Checker Framework (including the JSR308 compiler). Lets you for example define List and ensure this contract at compile time !
Improved: Ant/JUnit/Cobertura integration.
Scratch project to start testcode with 0 config !

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