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Management in any business is the essence of its success. Nowadays several tools and applications are being designed for the sake of managing your business in the most efficient and effective manner. One such software tool for mobiles and tablets that has been designed for salons is known as "Salon Calendar". The list of places where this tool can be effectively used is quite long including beauty centers, wedding salons, fitness studios, tattoo salons, hair salons, tanning salons, ateliers and fashion shops, etc. Also manicurists, make up designers, aestheticians, and every specialist working within the sphere of health, fitness and beauty care can use this tool to their benefit. Salon Calendar is equally valuable and advantageous to individuals and salon owners alike. The main features of this amazing software tool includes speedy and simple operation program. The very simple and speedy menu of the program allows anyone to use it very easily and in an instant way without going through the hassle of understanding complex functions. The Main Menu offers 4 icons being "Masters, Clients, Reports and Scheduler". Through creating different profiles of every master, stylist or professional in the tool, one can create a separate list of all jobs done by a single master along with the amount earned, appointment timings and also store in data about your customers and give them a call using the tool too is possible. The tool allows every master to store in data relating to their customer including their phone number, appointment dates and the total amount of money earned and accrued on their customer. The tool also offers a calendar that not only informs on the date but also the total earned amount for every day. Beneath every date, the earned amount is written in short font. This calendar allows you to go through the calendar instantly and know all about your schedule, appointments, details of jobs to be done that day, earnings from the jobs, etc.

File Size: 7.2451171875 MB License: Commercial Price: $20.00
Platform: Android, iPhone
System Requirements: iOS, Android
Downloads: Total: 98 | This Month: 5 Released: 2014-06-30
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