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The Retro Reader program was originally created so people could print out downloaded Internet books in a form that could be bound into actual physical books and put on a shelf. Other features were soon added including an interface that resembles an actual book and a bookmark in the middle so users could read the books on their computer in a pleasant format. Then we added 'Text to Speech' capabilities. Books can now be listened to as the user reads along, an excellent feature for children and adults alike or they can be turned into audio books for listening to most anywhere on either CD or a portable MP3 player.

Retro Reader can read your books aloud, using one of three methods:

* SAPI 5.x - the latest Text to Speech technology from Microsoft.
It will automatically pick up on any SAPI 5 compatible voices
a user has installed and they will be available from within the program,
such as, 'Microsoft Anna', 'Microsoft Sam', 'Microsoft Mike', and 'Microsoft Mary'.

* Microsoft Agent - A talking animated head similar to Max Headroom. I was an early innovator of this technology several years ago having created the first of these characters to be made from photographic images (now there are thousands) and that original character is included with the program.

* Audio CD - The program will create a set of Wave files broken into tracks and ready to be burned to CD(s) These tracks can be converted to MP3 files quite easily using any standard means (I plan on integrating the MP3 conversion very soon)

The books can be organized by multiple custom categories, metadata and comments added, full text and metadata searched, books can be imported and exported in an encrypted format, exported back to text with a metadata header that facilitates full round tripping of the text files with no loss of 'added' data, there is an auto chapterize feature, and several formatting utilities that can help improve the quality of certain files. For heavy duty text editing with the ability to create Macros, insert blocks of text from Clipbooks, we recommend TextPad. The program is very reasonably priced and used by millions of programmers and ordinary people who need to be able to manipulate text files quickly.

Our newest feature can locate and automatically import books. It is a utility which integrates with the catalog of Project Gutenberg allowing you to locate, instantly download, and import any of the books available from the Project Gutenberg web site. There is also a facility for playing the audio files and downloading and viewing the zipped html packages available on the Project Gutenberg site. The process is transparent and so easy anyone can do it.

Many people now have the ability to read PDF files on their phone or portable media device. The problem is, of course, that PDF files do not flow. That is, they do not have the abiliity to 'Word Wrap' to accomodate different size screens and so the user has to scroll, not only up and down, to view the contents of a page but very often even left to right, as well. This quickly becomes very annoying. The Retro Reader Library will build custom PDF versions of a user's books optimized for most any size screen (along with the ability to change the colors and font face and size to make the final file even more personalized). Once such an optimized PDF file is on a mobile device, the user need only hit the page down once per page making for a very enjoyable experience.

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File Size: 55.00 MB License: Trialware Price: $25.00
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Downloads: Total: 200 | This Month: 1 Released: 2012-05-21
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