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Puzzle Frenzy for Win8 UI

Mihai Mihaila in Windows UWP Apps / Games

Puzzle Frenzy for Win8 UI screenshot

User Rating: 3.1 (30 votes)

Puzzle Frenzy is a collection of 230 realistic jigsaw puzzles for board game lovers of all ages. Compete against others, gather points, beat your own record or simply relax by solving puzzles up to 100 pieces!

The game contains two play modes:

1) For competitive players we created Challenge mode. The goal is to finish each puzzle as fast as you can to get to the top of the Online Leaderboard. In the beginning of the game, you will solve easy puzzles of 25 pieces, and gradually work your way up to 100 piece advanced puzzles.

2) For classical puzzle players who like solving puzzles with no time limit, we designed the Relax mode. You can choose to solve the puzzles in any difficulty mode: 25, 36, 64 or 100 pieces.

To make your puzzle solving experience easier you can enable Final Image Preview by clicking the button in the top right corner of the screen:

The image can be dragged around the screen and it will always stay on top of all the pieces. You can hide it by clicking the same button again.

For solving the puzzles faster your can move all the pieces at once to a side of the screen.
Right-click on the game surface -> click Sort -> any edge of the screen

Puzzle Frenzy just got updated and contains 30 brand new puzzles!

The puzzle images were captured during my last vacation in Portugal which I enjoyed very much and wanted to share with Puzzle Frenzy fans.

The updated also contains a new experience for the “completed image preview” functionality during gameplay: before you could only sneak a peek at the complete image, the updates adds the ability to always show the preview image alongside the pieces.

The leaderboard has been improved as well and now displays best players for the last 7 days, last 30 days and all time.

File Size: 1.00 MB License: Freeware Price: FREE
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Platform: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8 ARM
Downloads: Total: 187 | This Month: 1 Released: 2013-03-12
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