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Origin is a software application with tools for data analysis, publication-quality graphing, and programming.

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Data Analysis
Origin contains powerful tools for all of your analytic needs, including peak analysis, curve fitting, statistics, and signal processing. To make data analysis more efficient, Origin supports many common formats for importing data, and exporting results. Multi-sheet workbooks and an integrated Project Explorer help you organize your Origin projects. Streamline your workflow by saving workbooks as analysis templates for repeat use.

With over 70 built-in graph types, Origin makes it easy to create and customize publication quality graphs to suit your needs. Many popular contour, 2D, and 3D graph types are supported, as are specialty graphs such as windrose, stock (OHLC), ternary (including ternary-contour), 2D vector and 3D vector, and several statistical plots.

Origin includes two built-in programming languages: Origin C, a C-based compiled language, and a scripting language called LabTalk™. Use them to automate graphing and analysis. Origin comes with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Code Builder , that makes it easy to write and debug your own code. Origin is also an Automation Server for users of VB, C++, C# and LabVIEW™.


Importing data:
· Drag-and-drop import of data and images
· Save import settings to a worksheet or external files for repeated use
· Use saved settings to re-import files with a single click
· Post-process imported data
· Import Wizard with visual feedback
· Handle non-standard files by programming
· Import multiple images into the same matrix sheet
· Customize File:Import menu by specifying which import types to display

· Import or directly open Excel 97-2007 workbooks (XLS, XLSX)
· Drag-and-drop data from an Excel book opened in Origin directly into a graph
· Copy-and-paste Origin graphs directly into MS Word and PowerPoint
· Send data directly to Origin from LabVIEW with Origin Sub Vi’s; send results back to LABVIEW as well
· MATLAB Console and Mathematica Link allow data exchange with Origin
· Use Origin as an Automation (COM) Server to send commands and exchange data from any COM-enabled client application

Exporting Data:
· Export data to ASCII file with options to append to, or replace existing files
· Print entire worksheet/matrix sheet or a selected range
· Batch print multiple windows
· Export workbook as NI TDM/TDMS file
· Export worksheet data as wave file
· Export matrix as ASCII or image file
· Print Preview support for multiple windows

· Quick access to all built-in graph types from toolbars
· Page, Layer, Plot hierarchy to organize data plot
· Plot with graph templates and organize templates using Template Library
· Plot Setup dialog for quick plotting of data from multiple worksheets, common columns, Excel workbook and matrix book
· Create custom multi-panel plots
· Merge multiple graphs with preview
· Drag-and-drop data columns into graph

Data Analysis:
· Standardized analysis tools with tree structure for settings
· Analysis markers to indicate range used for analysis
· Preview of results in most analysis dialogs
· Analysis report sheets with collapsible tables
· Manually or automatically update the results of any previously run analysis operation when data or parameters change
· Save settings of analysis dialogs to theme for repeat use
· Access saved analysis themes from fly-out menu or script
· Save workbook as Analysis Template, with desired analysis routines and custom settings, including custom report sheets to present results

File Size: 500 MB License: Trialware Price: $69.00
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64
Downloads: Total: 240 | This Month: 11 Released: 2018-05-10
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