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Need a diagram, process chart, quick page-layout, website mockup or graphic design? OmniGraffle 5 handles all of these in one award-winning application. We're not just a pretty interface, however. There's plenty of power under the hood to make all your diagramming and design fast and easy, with the ability to customize and tweak every aspect of your work.

New Layout Engine
The entirely new Graphviz-based layout engine built into OmniGraffle 5 allows for faster and more varied automatic layout types.

Bézier Lines
Curves are beautiful and we've added even more in OmniGraffle 5 with the inclusion of Bézier lines. Add control points to your lines and then swing them around to create the sinuous lines you've always wanted.

Mini Inspectors
We've put the most common inspector controls at your fingertips with OmniGraffle 5's new mini-inspector. Change object size, location, fill, stroke and other key attributes right at the top of the document window.

Style Tray
Object styles (fill, stroke, image, shadow) now appear in a style tray at the bottom of the main window — there's no need to open a separate style inspector. Drag and drop style chits to other objects, to a group, or to a tool to instantly copy the style there.

Stencil Search
OmniGraffle has a huge number of built-in and user-created stencils. Build up enough of these and they can be both useful and overwhelming. We make it easier to manage your built-in stencils with the new search feature in the stencil window. Even better: we've added the ability to search Graffletopia, the popular third-party library of free OmniGraffle stencils.

Outline View
Fire up the Outline view to quickly jot down thoughts — meanwhile, OmniGraffle is creating objects in the main window and automatically laying them out. If you like, move your outlines back and forth between OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle.

Multiple Page Documents
With support for multiple page ("canvas") documents, you can select, add, duplicate, and remove canvases using the status bar or the Canvases inspector. Both the status bar and the Canvas inspector depict your various canvases in icon mode, so you can easily see which shapes are on which canvases. Canvases can be different sizes, and can be rotated 90° when printed, so you can mix landscape and portrait modes. You can also hyperlink within pages - any shape on your canvas can link to a specific section of another canvas.

Diagram Styles
When you enter text information in the Outline view, the graphical objects that are created can be styled and restyled instantly the way you choose. OmniGraffle can associate a different style with each level in your outline, so all your level one items can be represented as blue diamonds, your level two items as purple horseshoes, and so on. You can even use OmniGraffle's outline styles as filters if you import OmniOutliner documents, by mapping styles to your OmniOutliner document structure. Create your own styles by laying out hierarchical objects in the document window and saving them as an outline style, or use our built-in styles.

Bézier Shapes
Complementing the new Bézier lines feature and traditionally only found in expensive, professional illustrating programs, OmniGraffle's Bézier shape drawing tool allows you to easily create custom shapes with lines made up of curves, straight lines, and control points. A Bézier curve allows you to specify not only the end points of a shape's line, but also the direction of the line as it passes through the end points — with a little practice, you'll have almost unlimited control over the objects you design.

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Platform: Mac OS X
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.
Downloads: Total: 296 | This Month: 7 Released: 2013-07-11
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