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Free and easy to use RSS reader, NNTP news reader, and web bookmark manager. It's fast, it aggregates, and it keeps you organized. Check out the additional features: lightning-fast desktop search, flexible information organizer, contextual access, and quick extensibility for developers who want more.

Why Omea Reader

* All-in-one feed reader: Read RSS feeds, Atom feeds. Also read newsgroups and bookmarked web pages, all in one easy to use information environment.
* Stay Organized: It's easy to organize and categorize your RSS feeds, and you can automate the process with a few clicks.
* Search: Find specific information quickly with Omea Reader's desktop search functionality.
* Browser Integration: Subscribe to feeds, directly from your browser, within seconds. Omea will find the feed for you even if you can't see an RSS link
* Contextual access: Create custom Views to separate your resources based on their characteristics. Create custom Workspaces to divide your work info from your personal info, or from your projects. See only what you want, with one click.
* Manage Podcasts: Download podcasts directly through Omea, and keep them organized.
* Helpful extras: Create Clippings - excerpts from larger documents that you can file, search, and link. Use an array of Flags to help you set priorities and remember to follow up. Tack your own free-form notes onto any resource with Annotations.
* Compatibility: Omea Reader runs on the same database as Omea Pro, so you can try Reader now and upgrade to Pro later without losing any of your resources or preferences.
* Extensibility: Developers can extend and customize Omea Reader by writing plugins using the Omea Open API.

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File Size: 5.009765625 MB License: Freeware Price: FREE
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Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP
System Requirements: .NET Framework
Downloads: Total: 139 | This Month: 10 Released: 2010-04-26
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