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MIA 1.2.7

Motion-Soft CO in System Utilities / Other

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User Rating: 2.8 (31 votes)

MIA is a female assistant with some routines of artificial intelligence that is always attentive to your command to make the PC more interactive, enjoyable and intuitive experience. MIA is a complement to the Windows operating system, works listening and understanding voice commands, and then executes actions in accordance to them or to decisions taken by "her".

This assistant searches for staying active, informed and entertained at the same time in a simple and comfortable way using tools of recognition and voice synthesis.

In addition to his speaking and listening MIA also can carry out some actions based on machine vision algorithms (using web cam).


-MIA does not require an expensive or flashy microphone for voice recognition, not require that using bluetooth microphones or headphones type "headband".

-MIA allows you to control your PC from a distance (at a distance), this wizard can interpret the orders give him without having the microphone close to your mouth.

-MIA can read any kind of text to selections (emails, web pages, documents, etc.) in perfect English no matter which so long is, synthesizing, dates, numbers, units of measure, etc in a very natural way.

-MIA allows you to control the scrolling of web pages, documents, photos, etc. as well as the Zoom them following the movements of your head (via a web cam and computer vision algorithms).

-MIA responds to various voice commands, and run immediate action taking control of your PC in many ways, doing the "Windows experience" a lot more rich and interactive.

-MIA allows you to know the time, date, the State of the climate and other things more through its pleasant female voice.

-MIA informs you of what you're doing, or each command that played so you know that you orders carried out.

-MIA carries out certain actions, responses or recommendations of agreement to your answers and/or stimuli perceived by 'she'.

-MIA has small learning algorithms that allow you to automatically choose the best accuracy in the majority of cases, to increase, this will update, on the other hand if a command is not recognized with a high confidence, this will an average so that the system is balanced.

-MIA gives you access to the programs Windows, messenger, etc. Check the Media center, open my documents, control panel, my computer, etc as well as opening your social networks and some other sites of entertainment in a very natural way.

-MIA allows you to add, edit and read special dates such as birthdays and reminders manually, but also organizes and remembers (through her voice) on the day the you must be aware of

-MIA does not requires any special device such as kinect for the recognition of voice commands, or tracking (artificial Vision) capabilities.

-MIA can be used by men and women with different shades, tones and voice frequencies.

-MIA allows you to take pictures with your webcam using your voice leaving your hands free.

-MIA supports multi-user, multiple Windows accounts can use the program, and this saved and loaded names, the precision, the options and reminders for each session making MIA something totally personal.

File Size: 30.66 MB License: Trialware Price: $29.90
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
Downloads: Total: 90 | This Month: 0 Released: 2012-10-30
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