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LitioLAB 1.0

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LitioLAB 1.0 is an advanced, complex-shape, mathematical drawing tool for AutoCAD and GStarCAD, that helps you draw complex shapes (either 2D curves, 3D curves or 3D surfaces), that are not available as standard commands within AutoCAD or GStarCAD. It is ideal for: Building arches, suspension Bridges, catenary curves, gear profiles, helical augers, airfoils, ship hulls, Wankel engine housings, ammunition and missile warheads, projectile motion [oblique throw], and Lissajous curves. Further examples are also, Simple harmonic motion, Fourier series, space orbits, Guilloch patterns, harmonograph figures, mathematic roses, Rosetta orbits, Roulette curves, Tusi couples, filigrees, spirals, hypotrochoids and epitrochoids, etc. All they follow mathematical principles and formulas. Actually, any physics or engineering phenomenon can be expressed mathematically. With LitioLAB you can: * draw shapes that follow a mathematical equation or formula: * 2D curves (as functions of X, of an angle; or of a parameter) * 3D curves (as functions of X and Y, of R and an Angle; or of a parameter) * 3D surfaces (as functions of X and Y, of R and an Angle; or of two parameters) * import a series of XLS points (or other formats) into your drawing, to draw them as a series of POINTs, LINE segments or 2D or 3D POLYLINEs; With LitioLAB 1.0 you can also draw: * Oblongs * Trigonometric functions (SINE, COSINE) * Parabolas, by picking 3 points that belong to the parabola, and additional points to define its limits * Catenary curves, providing the two ends and the catenary length * 2D and 3D helixes and spirals * Spirograph-like shapes In engineering, we find lots of non-straight or non-circular machine elements like cranks, all kinds of springs, cams and levers, streamers in heat exchangers, corrugated sheet metal, tank bottoms, etc. The same happens in architecture with construction elements like beams, columns, girders, etc. CAD out of the box.

File Size: 915 kB License: Shareware Price: $98.88
Platform: Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
System Requirements: AutoCAD (up to) R2021; starting with R 2000; GStarCAD 2016 onwards. Windows versions
Downloads: Total: 8 | This Month: 1 Released: 2020-06-24
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