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Intelyze 2.0.3

DITEC International Corporation in Business / Accounting & Finance

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The world's most complete interactive solution offering the most powerful tutorial and educational tool in Techical Analysis.

"InTeLyze® is the world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis. No other education in the subject has ever offered the Class and Degree of InTeLyze®.

InTeLyze covers your needs to learn all about technical analysis, whether you are a novice, expert or somewhere in between. The fact is, if you seriously want to improve your investment, InTeLyze® is your investment course and interactive trading advisor.

About InTeLyze

Unlike other educational products we don't give you just a flash movie, video clips on CD or a bunch of text arranged in HTML or other formats. InTeLyze is not a 4-hour movie on DVD.
This exclusive educational course has everything you need to learn to apply technical analysis on your investments. An interactive teacher and the narrative guides you throught the whole education. The interactive tests after each section offers you a powerful tool to instructively evaluate your knowledge.
InTeLyze takes the interactivity one step further than any other product in the market, by providing a rich variety of navigational features, which offers the most effective way to find exactly what you need, at any particular point of time. InTeLyze® enables you to:

* Create your own educational plan
* Learn what you want to learn
* Learn when ever you want and no matter where you are
* Be active during the education
* Learn at your own pace
* Learn 500% faster and more effectively
* Improve your skills with several hundred interactive questions
* and more..

InTeLyze® is an education that gives you a lot of experience and makes learning fun. After the education you will look at charts and price movements with new eyes and you will gain a better understanding of Technical Analysis. You will improve your investment beyond your expectations.

InTeLyze® is a result of several years of development and a complete package of what you need to know for your trading. InTeLyze® combines professional teaching and using technical analysis in harmony with users' preferences. The Education follows the golden rule of 4 E’s: Explanation, Example, Exercise, and Evaluation. Each section in the education is explained in an easy and understandable way. The interactivity in InTeLyze® has created a great exemplification through the whole education.

With this unique educational course you will learn,

* the principals of technical analysis
* different chart types with in-depth section for candle stick charts
* how to calculate, interpret and use different technical indicators (see list on the right)
* how to use different time frames to fit your analysis, trading and risk preferences
* how to calculate price targets using technical analysis
* how to define the values of different indicators and fit each individual security to your trading strategy
* how to use convergences and divergences as early technical buy and sell signals
* how to measure the breadth in the market
* how to identify different price movements
* how to identify different trends in the market
* learn what kind of indicators can be used when the market is trending and when it is trading and has a sideways movement
* about the strength and weaknesses in different technical indicators and how to overcome the weaknesses and use them as trading signals
* how to define, interpret and use support and resistance
* how to identify trend lines and channels
* different formations and patterns, and their internal importance
* how to interpret different chart formation and identify a future direction for the price and calculate price targets

File Size: 104.00 MB License: Trialware Price: $169.00
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Downloads: Total: 182 | This Month: 0 Released: 2012-05-06
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