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If you are looking for something that will use pictures or phrases instead of numbers then look no further. IBA Bingo Card Maker allows you to create and print bingo cards using the phrases you want, and the pictures you want. You can also use both types on the same card, its totally up to you.

Printing Bingo Cards is simple with IBA Bingo Card Maker. You can created your first set of 100 standard bingo cards in as little as 5 clicks. If you need more than a traditional bingo card creator then IBA Bingo Card Maker also has many other features you may need in order to accomplish your task quickly and inexpensively.


· Print up to 16 cards per page.
· Prints Blank Bingo Cards
· Delayed Printing: Keeps your printer free for other applications while your cards are printing. (It only prints so many at a time and then checks to see if there are any other print jobs in the queue and if not continues printing)
· Number Generator: You don't need to purchase a ball cage or other calling device, this will create a bingo number sequence and each time you click the next button tell you the number.
· Prints a Master Bingo Sheet
· Software automatically adjusts itself to work on almost any printer.
· Customizable adjustments available if you have a special needs printer or you have specialty paper and the bingo cards would better print in a particular location on the paper.
· Each page has its own number.
· You can change the number you start counting the pages via the offset variable. (default is 1)
· Card Class Wizard - Now you may create cards of various sizes (max row/col 10). You may also use your own letters and many other features.
· Pattern Class Wizard - Now you can create patterns of various sizes (max row/col 10).
· Card Checking System
· If you've ever been to a bingo hall where you only had to provide the number on the card to verify the winner this is that feature. If you print 50 cards and print them on the printer, using our check card system, all you need is the card's number and it will tell you if the person won.
· You may use our number feed system to use this feature. Our number feed system allows you to enter the numbers called (by other software or device) and if a person calls bingo use the numbers feed in to the system to check the validity of the win.
· Double Action Cards (Cards Featuring Two Number per Cell)
· Note: This feature is incomputable with many silver version features. Including but not limited to, words & phrases, free space pictures & text.
· Disable Free Space
· Use your own Free Space Text
· Software can color tag a page in case you want to identify several different games.
· Changing the bingo letter border from square to circle, both, or none.
· Changing the bingo number border from square to circle, both, or none.
· Game Counter so you can associate each set of bingo cards to a game. If you print 500 cards and the game counter is set to 25 you will have 500 cards numbered 1-500 dash 1-25.
· Custom cards per page. You define how many cards per row (12 max) and how many cards per column (12 Max) that you print.
· You may use your own graphic on each bingo card(s) page.
· You may use your own company name & website address on each bingo card(s) page.
· You can cycle the page colors to a number between 2 & 99..
· Replace Numbers with Pictures and/or Words
· You may disable word overlay so words are not obscured.
· Supports bitmap, jpeg, windows meta file, gif, device independent bitmap, and icons.
· Prints a list of the phrases or pictures you used associated with their respective bingo numbers.
· Control Numbers – Helps to ensure the validity of the cards presented for awards.
· Replace the standard text “FS” (freespace) with a picture of your choosing.
· Replace the common bingo letters, “B I N G O” with letters of your choosing.
· Replace the common bingo letters with words of your choosing.
· Add Footer Text to the page or each card.
· Add Header Text to each page or each card.

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Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
Downloads: Total: 169 | This Month: 0 Released: 2011-05-04
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