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Gazelle Lite for Mac 12.36 B006518

Phostersoft in Business / Accounting & Finance

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Gazelle Lite for Mac is the entry version of our advanced multi-staff, multi-terminal, multi-branch POS (point of sale) product Gazelle. Gazelle is a complete solution for your retail business, providing end to end tracking for sales, purchase orders, purchases, inventories, customers and payments. Gazelle features complex functions such as split payments, laybys, barcode printing, customer accounts, promotions, gift cards and much more to accommodate your business' workflows. Adding to that list is a comprehensive reporting, charting and analytics, enabling you to make better business decisions. Gazelle is built as enterprise software, supporting auditing, access control enforcement and automated notification system, to keep your business under close watch.

Tracks Your Business End to End

When your business starts to pace up, it is important to keep everything under close watch. Gazelle tracks everything in a typical shop, from purchase orders and purchase invoices, to sales and discounts, and even payments back to your suppliers. The analytics component would then present you with information such as sale profits, top selling brands and low-stock items; enabling you to make informed and better decisions.

Meets Your Complex Demands

Gazelle includes all features that you would expect from a complete point of sale solution, and even more. We list some of them below :

Gift Cards, Discounts, Promotions
Layby Sales (Multiple Payments and Collections)
Chart Reporting
Sale Exchange, Replacement, Void
Barcode Printing
Stock, Non-Stock Item
Damaged Goods Tracking
Audit and Notifications

Grows Together with Your Business

Have you heard the advise that small business should choose simple software product and vice versa? With Gazelle, you need not be concerned on making that choice. Gazelle is built as a large enterprise software, supporting multi-staff, multi-terminal and multi-branch operations. However, we scale it down as well, to meet the demands of smaller shops. You can look at our entitlement options and choose one that suits your needs. Best of all, upgrading between different entitlements is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Manages Your Customer Relationship

Few would deny that customers are the most important assets of a business. Gazelle keeps all records about your customers. For instance, you can determine who are your loyal customers and reward them through points. You can also assign different membership groups to different customers, and target promotions or discounts specifically for a particular group. Through Gazelle, you can even compose marketing flyers and mass mail them to all your customers, informing them on what you have in store.

Leverages the Power of Web and Cloud

Gazelle rides on the latest web technologies that drive your Gmail and Facebook. You can choose to deploy Gazelle in the cloud, or you can choose to download and install it. If you choose to download it, Gazelle is compatible with all three platforms; Windows, Mac and Linux. We have also made it convenient for you to migrate your data from one to the other, should you decide to switch in the future.

File Size: 59.50 MB License: Freeware Price: FREE
Related: sale - payment - manage - manager - control - business
Platform: Mac OS X
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5
Downloads: Total: 167 | This Month: 2 Released: 2015-05-21
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