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GanttProject is a cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX, it is free and its code is opensource. What can it do?

* Gantt chart.
Create work breakdown structure, draw dependencies, define milestones.

* Resources.
Assign human resources to work on tasks, see their allocation on the Resource Load chart.

* PERT chart.
Generate PERT chart from Gantt chart.

* Export.
Save charts as PNG images, generate PDF and HTML reports.

* Interoperate.
Import projects from and export them to Microsoft Project formats. Export to spreadsheets with CSV.

* Collaborate.
Share projects with your colleagues using WebDAV.

With GanttProject you can break down your project into a tree of tasks and assign human resources that have to work on each task. You can also establish dependencies between tasks, like "this task can't start until this one is finished".


· Easy learning. You don't need thick manuals to start working with GanttProject. If you are familiar with the notion of tasks, assignments and dependencies, you'll become an expert in GanttProject in a couple of hours.
· Excellent price. Commercial project management tools cost a lot of money. GanttProject is free for any purposes.
· Crossplatform. GanttProject is a Java application and runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and other operating systems supporting Java.
· Open source code. You can tune GanttProject for your needs, implement missing features, add your own reporting, etc.


GanttProject is free software. Its code is covered by a number of different opensource licenses. The full list of them is available on the license page. Getting all of them right is a tough task. A short summary below will give you an idea of what you can do with GanttProject, but keep in mind that devil is in the details, and if you really care, you should consult with your lawyer.

* You may use unmodified binaries for any purposes, including commercial usage.
* You don't have to pay anything for using GanttProject.
* You have an access to the source code and you are allowed to modify the sources of GanttProject.
* If you redistribute modified binaries of GanttProject, you must provide all the sources to the receiver of a binary copy on his first request. Modifications should be covered by the same license as the original sources.
* If you don't make your modifications publicly available, you don't have to publish the modified sources.

File Size: 10 MB License: Open Source Price: FREE
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X
Downloads: Total: 195 | This Month: 2 Released: 2013-12-06
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