FoxyTunes for Internet Explorer 2.6

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Control any media player while surfing the web

FoxyTunes is a powerful browser add-on. Control the music playing in your favorite media player as you surf the web. No more switching back and forth between iTunes and your browser.


· Multiplatform - works on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
· Supports many popular media players, will support more players in future versions
· FoxyTunes also supports Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla Suite
· Position anywhere in the browser - on the status bar or on one of the toolbars
· Volume controls
· Seek Slider
· Configurable keyboard shortcuts
· Currently playing track information
· Customizable and collapsible
· Auto-hide
· Skinnable and localizable.
· Automatically launch your player when needed
· Pop up and hide the player window with a click
· Correctly shows track information encoded in any language, supports Unicode
· Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer
· No third-party controller applications and plugins - everything is done efficiently by the FoxyTunes extension

Supported Players

The following players are currently supported by FoxyTunes:


* iTunes 4-7
* Winamp 2.x, 5.x, Winamp 3.0d
* AOL Radio featuring XM [supported by installing Winamp 5.1]
* foobar2000 0.8.x, 0.9.x [see note]
* Windows Media Player 9-11
* Windows Media Player 8 [see note]
* Yahoo! Music Jukebox
* LAUNCHcast Radio [supported by installing Yahoo! Music Jukebox]
* Rhapsody Online
* Real Player
* XBox Media Center
* Pandora
* Player
* Musicmatch Jukebox 8, 9, 10
* Musicmatch Jukebox 7 [see note, limited support]
* Apollo 37
* Sonique 1.96
* The Core Media Player 4
* Quintessential Player (QCD) 4.51
* J. River Media Center 10, 11
* jetAudio 6
* musikCube 1
* XMPlay 3.x
* Aimp2
* The KMPlayer
* MediaMonkey 2.2.2 [see note]
* Media Player Classic [see note]
* wxMusik [see note]
* CoolPlayer 215 [see note]
* dBpowerAMP Audio Player 2 [see note]
* 1by1 Player 1.46 [see note]
* Zinf 2.2.1 [see note]
* UltraPlayer 2.112 [see note, limited support]


* XMMS 1.2.x
* Beep Media Player 0.9.7 [see note]
* Noatun 2
* Juk 2
* Amarok 1
* Music Player Daemon 0.11.x
* Rhythmbox 0.9


* iTunes 3-7

Cross Platform

* YouTube
* Player
* Pandora
* Rhapsody Online
* XBox Media Center

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File Size: 1.099609375 MB License: Freeware Price: FREE
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X
System Requirements: Internet Explorer 6 or later
Downloads: Total: 127 | This Month: 18 Released: 2009-08-13
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