Newsbin Pro 6.72 DJI Interprises, LLC    

Newsbin is a multithreaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to usenet newsgroups. Newsbin will take full advantage of high bandwidth internet connections by allowing multiple simultaneous connections to your news server or servers with or without SSL or TLS. It re-assembles multi-part posts across multiple servers and .... Free download of Newsbin Pro 6.72

PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2 QSys Software, LLC    

... Auto-Detect Formats And Decode: • UUDecoding, Base64, MIME, yEnc, RAR, PAR, PAR2 Filters: • Bulk Spam, File FingerPrints (remove duplicate binary files), Authors/Sites, Extensions Movie Conversion: • Auto Convert Movies From .AVI Format (Like VCD and "Other" Common Formats) To More Popular MPEG and MP4 That Work With The Open .... Free download of PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2

News File Grabber rsbr-Software    

... There are supported all common decoding schemes, including yENC (also multi-parts with auto-combining). The program supports multiple servers, simultaneous download threads and secure server connections (SSL). It also can handle very efficiently newsgroups, which contain million of articles. It has a built-in XPAT-Search, supports NZB-files and can unpack RAR-files. You .... Free download of News File Grabber

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