iDailyDiary Professional 3.93 Splinterware Software Solutions    

... down those important dates and reminders. Key Features: Works with MS Windows 2000, XP, ... of the free version plus more: Spell Checker and Thesaurus Word-wrap alongside images Sticky Tabs, non-dated entries Topics (group related entries) Themes support (50+ themes included) Create Templates Print Multiple Pages or .... Free download of iDailyDiary Professional 3.93

DigiTweak 1.0.8 Koingo Software    

... Command prompt colors Command Prompt: Directory name autocompletion key Command Prompt: Disable command prompt and batch files ... wrap in Notepad Registry Editor: Enable Windows Registry Checker Registry Editor: Open .reg files instead of Installing into RegEdit Registry Editor: Prevent Regedit from saving the last location Registry Editor: Repair the Registry .... Free download of DigiTweak 1.0.8

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