Adobe AIR SDK for Mac OS X Adobe Systems     update

... framework for the Adobe AIR API, the ActionScript Compiler, template applications, and command line launchers for the ... using the included tools. FEATURES: · Schema and template for the application.xml manifest file · Default icons for Adobe AIR application · Framework for Adobe AIR APIs · Template for Adobe .... Free download of Adobe AIR SDK for Mac OS X

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JiBX 1.2.5 Dennis M. Sosnoski    

JiBX is a tool for binding XML data to Java objects. It's extremely flexible, allowing ... start from existing Java code and generate an XML schema, start from an XML schema and generate Java code, or bridge your existing code to a schema that represents the same data. It also provides ... your Java objects are converted to or from XML, combined with bytecode enhancement to embed the conversion .... Free download of JiBX 1.2.5

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