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Image Viewer SDK ActiveX x64 12.0 Viscom Software    

... sample includes Access, Delphi, VB, VB.net, VFP and Web Page. Support code base which runs on 64-bit ... PDF files with bookmarks, Cover any unwanted page content with opaque rectangles, Split a multi-page PDF File, Add the PDF File to specific position of existing PDF File, Delete Page, With Image viewer .... Free download of Image Viewer SDK ActiveX x64 12.0

QPDF x64 10.0.0 Jay Berkenbilt    

QPDF x64 is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It could have been ... learn more about how they work. QPDF x64 is capable of creating linearized (also known as web-optimized) files and encrypted files. It is also capable ... mode designed to allow you to edit the content of PDF files in a text editor. For .... Free download of QPDF x64 10.0.0

Stereo Tool x64 9.40 Hans van Zutphen    

Stereo Tool x64 is a professional low latency audio processor that is used by hundreds of FM, AM and web radio stations all over the world, by musicians ... to music on their PC. Stereo Tool x64 makes your music sound more consistent, powerful, clear ... end or high end equipment. Stereo Tool x64 can make recordings sound equal and consistent in .... Free download of Stereo Tool x64 9.40

SpeedCommander x64 18.50 B9700 Sven Ritter    

... the integrated Quick View SpeedCommander shows you the content of many file formats. Pictures, videos or music ... and alter folder windows, as well access their content. · Add further file systems via the interface ... required. Native 64-bit Version for Windows XP/2003 x64 Edition: · SpeedCommander is also available as native .... Free download of SpeedCommander x64 18.50 B9700

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dotCMS Community Edition x64 5.2.8 dotCMS Inc.    

As an open source product, dotCMS x64 has an active community of user and project ... this community helps everyone achieve success on the web more quickly and at a lower cost. By ... FEATURES: Engaging the Visitor: · Import content from nearly any source · Personalize content based on rules engine · Create email campaigns, .... Free download of dotCMS Community Edition x64 5.2.8

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Sorting Thoughts x64 2.0.0 Hendrik Ebel    

Sorting Thoughts x64 is a professional application designed to enable you ... Simple Editing: · Keep the focus on the content of your thoughts. Tagging: · Tag thoughts ... thoughts. Linking: · Link your thoughts to web pages or other thoughts. Free Sorting: · Sort your thoughts per drag .... Free download of Sorting Thoughts x64 2.0.0

ISAPI_Rewrite x64 Helicon Tech    

ISAPI_Rewrite x64 is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on ... Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). ISAPI_Rewrite x64 is a tool that allows you create dynamic host-header based sites. ISAPI_Rewrite x64 is an ISAPI filter written in pure C/C++ so it is extremely fast. ISAPI_Rewrite x64 gives you the freedom to go beyond the .... Free download of ISAPI_Rewrite x64

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pdfFactory (x64 bit) 7.23 Fineprint    

... effective than other methods. pdfFactory for Windows x64 is a software that allows you to create ... them. * Page insertion and deletion: Delete unwanted content before the PDF is created. * Send via ... when creating PDFs from long reports, email and web pages. Send via email: One mouse click .... Free download of pdfFactory (x64 bit) 7.23

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SpeedCommander 18.50 B9700 Sven Ritter    

... network drive, connect to FTP, use a built-in web browser, as well as customize the interface when ... the integrated Quick View SpeedCommander shows you the content of many file formats. Pictures, videos or music ... and alter folder windows, as well access their content. · Add further file systems via the interface .... Free download of SpeedCommander 18.50 B9700

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Panotour 64bit 2.5.14 Kolor    

Panotour x64 revolutionizes the creation of interactive virtual tours by ... RAW files from most cameras). The Panotour x64 interface is customizable. You can enable or disable ... into your virtual tours. Embed them into the content (in a hanging frame on the wall for ... them appear with a 3D effect. Panotour x64 offers you a choice of three graphics themes .... Free download of Panotour 64bit 2.5.14

PyQt4 x64 4.12.3 Riverbank Computing Limited    

PyQt x64 is a set of Python bindings for Nokia's ... Linux. There are two sets of bindings: PyQt x64 v4 supports Qt v4; and the older PyQt ... v3) and a commercial license. Unlike Qt, PyQt x64 v4 is not available under the LGPL. You ... purchase the commercial version of PyQt here. PyQt x64 does not include a copy of Qt. You .... Free download of PyQt4 x64 4.12.3

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HTTPNetworkSniffer 64-bit 1.63 NirSoft    

HTTPNetworkSniffer x64 is a packet sniffer tool that captures all HTTP requests/responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server and displays them in a simple table. ... URL Path, User Agent, Response Code, Response String, Content Type, Referer, Content Encoding, Transfer Encoding, Server Name, Content Length, Cookie String, and more... You can .... Free download of HTTPNetworkSniffer 64-bit 1.63

SearchBlox x64 8.6.6 SearchBlox Software, Inc.    

SearchBlox x64 is an out-of-the-box Enterprise Search Solution built on ... flexibility compared to closed proprietary platforms. SearchBlox x64 provides crawlers for Filesystems, HTTP/HTTPS and RSS Feeds ... HTTP/HTTPS crawler can index both public and protected content. SearchBlox can index content in 37 languages including European and Asian languages. ... readily use our Cloud-hosted SearchBlox service. SearchBlox x64 is managed entirely through web-based Admin Console. Document .... Free download of SearchBlox x64 8.6.6

PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX x64 3.1 Viscom Software    

... at specific degree of PDF. Support view Unicode content, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew. Provide User ... (vbs), Visual C , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Access, Web Page Sample Code. Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Access, Visual C , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.) Royalty .... Free download of PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX x64 3.1

Plone x64 5.0.7 Plone Foundation    

Plone x64 is a user-friendly powerful content management system. The tool is ideal as an ... and powerful intranet and extranet server. Plone x64 is a free, open source product, and has ... Plone Service Providers. FEATURES: · Plone x64 is very flexible and powerful. It is ideal ... for collaboration between separately located entities · Plone x64 is easy to use. The Plone Team includes .... Free download of Plone x64 5.0.7

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AVG Internet Security 2013 (x64 bit) 2013.3532 Grisoft    

... identity * Award-winning virus protection for Windows x64 * Faster scan and video streaming * ... hitting infected or criminal sites. Actively checks every web page just before you click and stops you ... scanning and checking all your emails for suspect content and code. Free mobile protection included .... Free download of AVG Internet Security 2013 (x64 bit) 2013.3532

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AVG Internet Security 2012 (x64 bit) 2012.2258 Grisoft    

... videos online. AVG Internet Security for Windows x64 provides multiple layers of protection for everything you ... * Protection that actually speeds up your web experience for faster YouTube and video * Block ... speeds it up, by accelerating the download of content-rich files. Faster system start-up and support for Flash .... Free download of AVG Internet Security 2012 (x64 bit) 2012.2258

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3DBrowser Image Edition 12.51 Mootools    

... that printing a contact sheet of a directory content. You control accurately page setup (fonts, colors...) and ... the template library. Export your images to the web using the HTML format. Select the HTML template that fits your needs and let 3DBrowser Image Edition do the job for you. 3D Photo .... Free download of 3DBrowser Image Edition 12.51

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack x64 SP2 Microsoft    

Microsoft Office 2010 x64 gives you powerful new tools to express your ... letting you get things from a PC, the Web, and even a smartphone. Access 2010 SP2: ... SP2 adds a new feature to integrate community content in the Application Parts gallery. · Fixes an ... 2010 SP2: · Added a new Open from web option that is located under the File Open .... Free download of Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack x64 SP2

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IIS Transform Manager x64 1.1 RTW Microsoft    

Whether you have libraries of content or a steady stream of user-generated content that you want to convert from one video format to another, IIS Transform Manager x64 can help. Transform Manager x64 is an extensible media transform engine that easily ... on-demand audio and video files. Transform Manager x64 integrates directly with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service .... Free download of IIS Transform Manager x64 1.1 RTW

Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.7.2 Wavecrest Computing    

... Cyfin Proxy allows administrators the flexibility to monitor Web sites by content category or individual URL. Cyfin's clear, categorized user activity reports can provide at-a-glance data on Web usage by individual user, group or enterprise. Cyfin Proxy monitors and reports on up to 81 content categories, including 12 custom categories defined by the .... Free download of Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.7.2

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7plus x64 2.5.0 Fragman    

7plus x64 is a free open-source program which aspires to ... a small compilation of use cases where 7plus x64 can greatly enhance your workflow*: doubleclick on ... make 7plus do something completely different. 7plus x64 allows nearly all features to be fully customized. ... you can also create your own features! 7plus x64 uses an event system that is based on .... Free download of 7plus x64 2.5.0

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Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 (x64 bit) Trend Micro    

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro is for Windows x64 provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-use protection for your ... from your smartphone if it’s stolen * Inspects web page content in real-time – so you’re protected even if ... parental controls to protect your children against inappropriate content * Get a complete and customizable snapshot of .... Free download of Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 (x64 bit)

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Apex Text to Voice Text to Voice    

... natural vocal sounding from any text character sentences content from PDF files, Notes, RSS feed, RTF, articles, ... simply copy and paste, emails, documents, plain text, web pages, news, reports, etc. This application provides best ... 2003, Vista Win7 and both x32 bits and x64 bit platform. You can make your audio file .... Free download of Apex Text to Voice

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