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HDR Express x64 2.1.0 B10658 Unified Color    

HDR Express x64 gives you the critically acclaimed power of HDR ... color shifts when you edit. HDR Express x64 is the game-changer in HDR software. It demystifies HDR photography by giving you easy controls and presets to create realistic or stylized HDR photos in the blink of an eye, .... Free download of HDR Express x64 2.1.0 B10658

FDRTools Advanced x64 2.7.0 Beta 1 Andreas Schömann    

FDRTools Advanced x64 are a collection of capable tools for professionals ... technical limitations of your digital camera and produce images with a contrast and dynamik range not considered ... photos of an exposure series into an HDR image Master scenes with moving objects like foliage moved ... driving cars and so on Prepare your HDR images for display or print with state-of-the-art tonal range .... Free download of FDRTools Advanced x64 2.7.0 Beta 1

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