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SQLyog Community Edition x64 13.1.6 Webyog, Inc.    

SQLyog MySQL GUI x64 is the most powerful MySQL manager and admin ... databases · manage indexes · comprehensive user/security manager. Control every available privilege on what level you like (server/database/table/column). · reorder columns of table · copy database between two MySQL hosts · drop all tables of a database with .... Free download of SQLyog Community Edition x64 13.1.6

Mercurial x64 5.3 Mercurial    

Mercurial x64 source control management Mercurial x64 is a free, distributed source control management tool. It offers you the power to efficiently ... versioned files. Distributed architecture Traditional version control systems such as Subversion are typical client-server architectures ... the revisions of a project. In contrast, Mercurial x64 is truly distributed, giving each developer a local .... Free download of Mercurial x64 5.3

TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System The TortoiseSVN team    

TortoiseSVN x64 is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control application for Windows. It is based on Subversion. ... tool you are most familiar with. TortoiseSVN x64 1.6 no longer supports access to BDB repositories ... An extensive set of options is available to control the cache management. See the settings dialog for .... Free download of TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System

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TortoiseGit x64 Frank Li    

TortoiseGit x64 is an open-source client for the Git version control system. That is, TortoiseGit manages files over time. ... why many people think of Git and version control systems in general as a sort of “time machine”. Some version control systems are also software configuration management (SCM) systems. These systems are specifically tailored to .... Free download of TortoiseGit x64

Object2VR x64 3.1.8 Garden Gnome Software e.U.    

Object2VR x64 produces interactive 360° object movies. Object VR x64 (virtual reality) movies are the result of a ... on websites, kiosks and mobile devices. Object2VR x64 features: Fully customize the movie’s user interface. Use ... loading times and higher quality images. Object2VR x64 lets you create single or multi-row object images; .... Free download of Object2VR x64 3.1.8

CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2 BT plc    

The CAM editor is the leading open source toolkit for building and deploying XML exchanges and ... business information exchanges and schema. This gives developers control, insights and analysis that are needed for consistent, ... of schema design quality assessment Canonical model dictionary management and generation Industry Standard XML Frameworks support Exchange. Free download of CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2

Veracity 64-bit 2.5 SourceGear LLC    

Veracity x64 is a reliable, private collaboration server for your team. Bug tracking, milestone management, build tracking, and wiki pages are all handled ... A DVCS and More Bug tracking, milestone management, build tracking, and wiki pages are all handled ... automated Windows sync tool. Fast, Flexible Version Control The first thing you’ll notice: Distributed Version .... Free download of Veracity 64-bit 2.5

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Bluebeam Q x64 4.5.3 Bluebeam Software, Inc.    

Q x64 is the ultimate solution for creating high quality ... by automating the production of PDFs from original source files. Bluebeam Q x64 is installed on a server and powers PDF ... Q in the real world Integrate Q x64 with a document management system to automate the creation of PDFs when .... Free download of Bluebeam Q x64 4.5.3

GAMA x64 1.6 GAMA Team    

GAMA x64 is a simulation platform, which aims at providing ... International Research Unit UMMISCO) since 2007. GAMA x64 provides the modeler with: The ability to ... (up to millions). A way to conduct automated controlled experiments on various scenarios, with a systematic, guided ... agents in the course of the simulations. GAMA x64 relies on: A modeling language, GAML, for .... Free download of GAMA x64 1.6

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PySys x64 0.9.2 Moray Grieve    

PySys x64 has been designed to provide a generic extensible ... which provides core functionality for cross platform process management and manipulation; in this manner an application under ... base runner (pysys.baserunner.BaseRunner) which provides the mechanism to control testcase flow and auditing. In both cases the base test and runner classes have .... Free download of PySys x64 0.9.2

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