HardLink ShellExtension x64 Hermann Schinagl     update

... hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks x64 provide the ability to keep a single copy ... limited than that offered for Hardlinks. Link Shell Extension x64 (LSE) provides for the creation of Hardlinks , ... as its name implies is implemented as a Shell extension and is accessed from Windows Explorer, or .... Free download of HardLink ShellExtension x64

TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System The TortoiseSVN team     update

TortoiseSVN x64 is a really easy to use Revision control ... user interface for Subversion.Since TortoiseSVN is a Windows shell extension, it integrates in the file explorer. That means ... tool you are most familiar with. TortoiseSVN x64 1.6 no longer supports access to BDB repositories ... worth mentioning: * Ignoring multiple files by extension * Filtering by bug ID in the log .... Free download of TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System

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TortoiseHg x64 5.0.2 TortoiseHg     update

TortoiseHg x64 is a Windows shell extension and a series of applications for the Mercurial ... revision control system. It also includes a Gnome/Nautilus extension and a CLI wrapper application so the TortoiseHg .... Free download of TortoiseHg x64 5.0.2

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ExamDiff Pro x64 10 B10.0.1.14 PrestoSoft LLC     update

ExamDiff Pro x64 is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use ... and directory comparison tool for Windows. ExamDiff Pro x64 features unique functionality that distinguishes ExamDiff Pro x64 from other comparison programs. You will find that ExamDiff Pro x64 offers much more efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. ExamDiff Pro x64 comes with advanced features such as syntax highlighting, .... Free download of ExamDiff Pro x64 10 B10.0.1.14

XnShell x64 4.03 XnSoft     update

XnShell x64 is a powerful Shell extension for Windows ™ Explorer, allowing you to preview and perform various operations within Windows explorer context menu. It allows .... Free download of XnShell x64 4.03

FastCopy 64bit 3.54 SHIROUZU Hiroaki     update

FastCopy x64 is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. ... etc. and using it. (In this case, the shell enhancing cannot be used. ) Uninstall It ... the installed directory. (Removing short cut and Uninstalling shell extension.) When the shell extension is installed, a complete deletion becomes after OS .... Free download of FastCopy 64bit 3.54

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SKTimeStamp x64 1.3.5 Stefan Küng    

SKTimeStamp x64 is a useful and simple shell extension that adds a new tab to the Explorer properties dialog. When accessing the .... Free download of SKTimeStamp x64 1.3.5

Areca Backup x64 7.5 Oliver Petrucci    

Areca Backup x64 is an Open Source personal backup solution which ... sending backup reports by email or launching custom shell scripts). Areca Backup also includes a transaction ... SSL / TLS) · Source file filters (by extension, subdirectory, regular expression, size, date, status, usage) · ... · Post backup scripts : Areca can launch shell scripts after backup. · Files permissions and symbolic .... Free download of Areca Backup x64 7.5

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