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TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System The TortoiseSVN team    

TortoiseSVN x64 is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control application for Windows. It is based on Subversion. ... tool you are most familiar with. TortoiseSVN x64 1.6 no longer supports access to BDB repositories ... An extensive set of options is available to control the cache management. See the settings dialog for .... Free download of TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System

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TortoiseHg x64 5.0.2 TortoiseHg    

TortoiseHg x64 is a Windows shell extension and a series of applications for the Mercurial distributed revision control system. It also includes a Gnome/Nautilus extension and a CLI wrapper application so the .... Free download of TortoiseHg x64 5.0.2

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