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Netcam Studio x64 Moonware Studios    

... membership is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, a phone ... in the overlay and rule manager Security Motion and Speed detection Audio detection License plates recognition Video buffering (Starts recording 2 seconds before motion is detected) Constant recording (or defined by scheduler) .... Free download of Netcam Studio x64

Picturenaut 64-bit 3.2 Build 1690 HDR Labs    

Picturenaut's x64 consistent multi-threaded architecture makes it the fastest tone ... filter plugins by Francesco Banterle, including: Gaussian Motion Blur Absolute HDR Calibration Diffuse SH: spherical harmonics Median Cut: light source extraction MyFilter: custom convolution kernels FakeHDRI: stretch out LDR pixel values Physical Sky: generate procedural skies Add on .... Free download of Picturenaut 64-bit 3.2 Build 1690

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