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DirectMath x64 3.2.2 Joe Gregg    

DirectMath x64 is a combination of an easy to use mathematical editor, a computation system, and a collection of powerful technical drawing tools. The DirectMath x64 editor is a simple, streamlined editor optimized for creating and publishing mathematical content. Key features of the editor include Tool buttons that make it easy to create mathematical constructs such as integrals and matrices Symbol pallete .... Free download of DirectMath x64 3.2.2

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator Portable 2.0.8 Renato Alexandre Santos Freitas    

... functions: sinc(x), Asinc(x) Features: Resolution of calculations in mass, smart processing of text files (.txt) Various mathematical functions Various functions to help the application use ... same expression Variables creation to perform easily complex calculations SI measurement prefixes response Show current time Show ... expression Constants "e" and "pi" Parentheses system processing Calculations mode and hability to force mode for trigonometric .... Free download of Advanced Trigonometry Calculator Portable 2.0.8

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