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Voxengo LF Max Punch 64-bit 1.9 Voxengo    

Voxengo LF Max Punch x64 is a professional audio effect AU and VST plugin for music and sounds where low-frequency thump and punch are most welcome, ... distortion is applied specifically to bring the bass sound to life. LF Max Punch provides a low-frequency ... smooth punch and oomph to audio tracks and sounds. LF Max Punch plug-in dynamically emphasizes selected .... Free download of Voxengo LF Max Punch 64-bit 1.9

n-Track for Windows (x64 bit) 9.1.0 B3636 Flavio Antonioli    

... music recording studio n-Track Software for Windows x64 has been developing audio software since 1995, when ... the following plaftorms: * Windows x32 and x64 * Mac OSX * iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) Soundcards & audio interfaces * Supports 16 and 24 bit single and multichannel soundcards at sampling frequencies up to 192 Khz * .... Free download of n-Track for Windows (x64 bit) 9.1.0 B3636

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Redoptor x64 2.0.1 D16 Group Audio Software    

Redoptor x64 is a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator. ... Transistors produce only odd harmonics and limit the sound. In ordinary fuzz, when a signal goes ... volume falls back below the threshold (as the sound reaches its release stage), the harmonics added by ... appear and disappear with the signal level. This sounds unnatural and is unpleasant to listen to. .... Free download of Redoptor x64 2.0.1

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Nithonat x64 1.6.2 D16 Group Audio Software    

Nithonat x64 is a fully synthesized drum machine based on the classic 606. The unique sound of this machine has been used by many ... 606 has been perfectly emulated. However, since Nithonat x64 is software based, D16 were able to enhance ... with extra functionality. Full control over the sound On the original 606, the only editable .... Free download of Nithonat x64 1.6.2

Nepheton x64 1.6.2 D16 Group Audio Software    

Nepheton x64 contains 17 fully synthesized instruments perfectly emulating the famous 808 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly. The instruments models are equipped ... additional controls giving you possibility to tweak the sound much better. Listen to the audio examples or ... the demo and try it out. Nepheton x64 has a flexible output configuration. Every instrument's audio .... Free download of Nepheton x64 1.6.2

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DSP Trigger Free 64-bit Robert Jonkman    

... of DSP Trigger. It processes audio output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI without the need of a hardware drum brain. It only supports single zone pads and ... extremely fast and accurate triggering designed specifically for drum pads multiple articulations low CPU usage .... Free download of DSP Trigger Free 64-bit

Voicings x64 5.11.0003 Rick Xavier    

Voicings x64 is a guitar notation and multitracking program. You ... and create arrangements using a wide range of sounds. The natural fretboard notation and chordal approach supports ... string sustain in each score part. Voicings x64 provides a fretboard, score editor and MIDI amp. ... musical scores. The MIDI amp is for selecting sounds. Voicings x64 Scores Voicings x64 scores are .... Free download of Voicings x64 5.11.0003

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