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RapidMiner Community Edition x64 9.6.0 Rapid-I GmbH    

RapidMiner x64 is the world-wide leading data mining solution due to the combination of its ... Applications of RapidMiner have a wide spread in data mining all over the world. Use RapidMiner and explore your data! Simplify the construction of experiments and the evaluation ... internal XML representation ensures standardized interchange format of data mining experiments · simple scripting language allowing for .... Free download of RapidMiner Community Edition x64 9.6.0

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Ferda Data Miner x64 Martin Ralbovsky    

Ferda is a user friendly data mining tool. It is a modular distributed multiplatform ... very powerful in working with association rules. Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data thus being a very important process in information analysis. .... Free download of Ferda Data Miner x64

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