Techne CAD/CAM x64 RC 5 Percent     update

A Windows only 2.5D CAD CAM x64 application. The user experience tightly integrates the CAM aspects when doing design and layout. The target users will layout their design and then immediately generate CNC code. The goal is a design application closer to Adobe Illustrator than to AutoCAD. ... aspects during object creation so that when the design/layout phase is completed the toolpath generation can occur .... Free download of Techne CAD/CAM x64 RC

CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2 BT plc    

The CAM editor is the leading open source toolkit for ... deploying XML exchanges and Open Data APIs. The CAM toolkit provides an intuitive approach using a WYSIWYG ... needed for consistent, interoperable and reliable exchanges. The CAM toolkit also automates the tasks of generating supporting ... bindings and test XML instances. The OASIS CAM is a public open standard. The CAM editor .... Free download of CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2

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