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DVDFab_bu_ray_cinavia_removal Fengtao Software Inc.    

Output High and Even Lossless Audio Track In the Blu-ray Copy option, with the help of DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal, the audio track affected by the Cinavia watermark, including DTS HD Master Audio, will be copied as the lossless DTS-HD audio, which equals to the original one in terms of sound .... Free download of DVDFab_bu_ray_cinavia_removal

dvdfab_blu_ray_to_uhd_converter Fengtao Software Inc.    

... your favorite programs on any device. As the world’s first software that enables copying and ripping of recorded discs (aka BDAV), DVDFab 12 not only supports BS4K and CS4K, but also 4K BDAV, a format used by many different kinds of recording devices, such as Sharp, Panasonic and Sony. With .... Free download of dvdfab_blu_ray_to_uhd_converter

www.kidsafety.site 1.0 www.kidsafety.site    

... online, and ensure their safety in todays millenial world!. We all want to be able to protect our children and keep them safe from harm. KidSafety.site lets you do ALL of this and lots more besides. Our software allows you to descreetly monitor everything that your child does online .... Free download of www.kidsafety.site 1.0

MDaemon Files Conversion 6.9 MDaemon Files Conversion    

Download and use the latest and easy to use MDaemon files conversion tool as software helps you to complete MDaemon files conversion task all along with complete MDaemon data such as; mail folders, address book, calendars, journals, etc into PDF, MBOX, MSG, Office365, HTML, RTF, EML, EMLx, etc. Software also acts .... Free download of MDaemon Files Conversion 6.9

DVDFab_enlarger_ai Fengtao Software Inc.    

Upscale Old Videos Quality and Resolution, Make Them Shining Again Deep learning based Super-Resolution technology of DVDFab Enlarger AI upscales videos from SD (480p) to Full HD (1080p Blu-ray standard), or from 1080p to 4K. Apart from the increased resolution, the video sharpness and quality also get significantly improved — A .... Free download of DVDFab_enlarger_ai

Geodata International 12.08 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

Geodata International - World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities, postal codes and administrative units with WGS84 and UTM coordinates and elevations for geocoding, proximity search, navigation, distance calculation. Often is it necessarily, for an address characteristic, e.g. the place name or the postal code, to establish a local .... Free download of Geodata International 12.08

DVDFab_uhd_cinavia_removal Fengtao Software Inc.    

Compatible with Cinavia-Enable 4K UHD Players Given the fact that Cinavia technology has become mandatory for all Blu-ray disc players, it is very likely for the 4K UHD players to follow the step. With this 4K UHD Cinavia removal tool, there is nothing to be worried about. Because it creates Cinavia-free .... Free download of DVDFab_uhd_cinavia_removal

DVDFab_uhd_to_blu_ray_converter Fengtao Software Inc.    

Convert HDR10 to SDR Better Than Official Blu-rays To meet the standard Blu-ray specifications, HDR10 contents will be converted to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) contents with the 4K to 1080p Converter. However, in terms of video quality, you can barely tell the difference between the converted SDR video and the original .... Free download of DVDFab_uhd_to_blu_ray_converter

USB Drive Data Recovery Tool 11.0 USB Drive Data Recovery    

If you are powerless to recover pen drive data whereas it is formatted or deleted then don't get tensed to have this dilemma because to beat these types of problems, we are here to provide our fail-safe Pen drive data recovery software. This updated version of USB drive data recovery tool .... Free download of USB Drive Data Recovery Tool 11.0

DVDFab_uhd_copy Fengtao Software Inc.    

Copy 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to BD-100/50/25 2160p Usually, a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc contains around 70GB of data, therefore, making a backup copy of such disc can be a headache. But don’t panic, DVDFab UHD Copy is just designed for this. It can clone the entire disc of a .... Free download of DVDFab_uhd_copy

DVDFab_blu_ray_to_dvd_converter Fengtao Software Inc.    

Convert any Blu-ray to DVD DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter helps you read any Blu-ray content from disc drive, ISO image file and folder with ease, and convert it to DVD-Video disc (DVD-5, DVD-9), ISO file or folder with DVD format that is very compatible with all DVD players and DVD .... Free download of DVDFab_blu_ray_to_dvd_converter

DVDFab_dvd_to_bu_ray_converter Fengtao Software Inc.    

Produce Near-Lossless AC3 Audio Tracks Working with DVDFab DVD Copy's Main Movie / Full Disc modes, DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal can detect audio tracks embedded with the Cinavia watermark and use our algorithm to remove it, producing a lossless AC3 audio track that is of equal quality to the original. Complete .... Free download of DVDFab_dvd_to_bu_ray_converter

DVDFab_dvd_ripper Fengtao Software Inc.    

... help of DVDFab Enlarger AI (sold separately), the world's first AI-powered video upscaling tool, the quality of your output videos can be enhanced exponentially, from 480p to stunning 1080p quality. .... Free download of DVDFab_dvd_ripper

Podcast Television Studio Podcast Television Inc.    

... air is seen simultaneously by everyone in the world at the same time. Easy to use CMS ... real-time are the most valuable technologies in the world. Whatever you are doing with video now live streaming is going to take your video hustle to the next level. .... Free download of Podcast Television Studio

DVDFab12 Fengtao Software Inc.    

... your favorite programs on any device. As the world’s first software that enables copying and ripping of recorded discs (aka BDAV), DVDFab 12 not only supports BS4K and CS4K, but also 4K BDAV, a format used by many different kinds of recording devices, such as Sharp, Panasonic and Sony. With .... Free download of DVDFab12

mySCADA Remote Desktop 1.0.0 mySCADA Technologies s.r.o.    

... even whole factories. Thousands of clients around the world trust our SCADA solutions. .... Free download of mySCADA Remote Desktop 1.0.0

Jade Diabetes Insulin Dose Calculator 2.5.2 DataMystic    

Insulin Dose Calculation with Jade makes managing diabetes far easier and dramatically less random. Jade simplifies blood glucose management and insulin dosing with tracking of insulin on board, variable ratios/targets throughout the day, live sharing between multiple devices. It is designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and those using insulin. .... Free download of Jade Diabetes Insulin Dose Calculator 2.5.2

DVDFab VideoCruise Fengtao Software Inc.    

... we offer. 3. Share your video with the world. Export your video to any format, including MP4, AVI, WMV and much more for playback on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC or any other device. Burn your video to a DVD or directly upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, .... Free download of DVDFab VideoCruise

DPLS Scientific Calculator 3.2.1 Dot Point Learning Systems    

... also contains an event timer, yearly calendar and world times system. The output from the calculator is recorded in a electronic note pad and can be displayed in decimals, scientific notation or engineering notation. A search system can be used to quickly locate science tools and data reference systems, and .... Free download of DPLS Scientific Calculator 3.2.1

21st century worldwide growth of Forest 5.50 Dynamic Applications    

... Formula. So you can really check out the world, adjusting everything you see according to your needs. ... following Customer driven development. Two competitions on Twitter, world's fastest network, will allow you to vote with Retweets and Favs for the best new simulation idea, as well as the top requirement for .... Free download of 21st century worldwide growth of Forest 5.50

DoNotSpy10 2020 5.2 pXc-coding    

DoNotSpy10 is the world's first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its straight-forward ... and sharing your data with one of the world's leading technology companies puts your privacy at risk. There are services which are able to record your keyboard input, your speech and any other actions of the user. Others .... Free download of DoNotSpy10 2020 5.2

Background Generator 1.0 Background Generator    

... every single created image is unique in the world. users can also customize the image width and height, and Background Generator could output high resolution images larger than 4K. Besides JPG/JPEG image format, the program also supports save the generated background image to PNG format, and the Transparent option allows .... Free download of Background Generator 1.0

C# Open Excel File and Write to Excel 2020.6.0 Elijah Williams & Write Excel .NET Team    

C# Open Excel File and Write to Excel Tutorial helps .NET Engineers open, write, and edit Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet files in C# and VB .NET Applications. IronXL Excel can import Excel files but also import data from other formats, including CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML. Iron Excel is often used .... Free download of C# Open Excel File and Write to Excel 2020.6.0

BeatDrops Beat Maker 16.6 RizbIT    

... save your project. Share Your Beat With The World: Enter your song info and related URL, Save your project, Select your genre, Upload and share with one click, All imported audio files will be uploaded, Other users can download, edit and rate your project. You can also share the app .... Free download of BeatDrops Beat Maker 16.6

VB.Net to C# Converter 5.08 VBConversions    

... developer tools category. It was chosen by real world developers in the field just like you. Free Download. The VB.Net to C# Converter even converts some of the most difficult features other programs don't even attempt, such as LINQ, embedded XML, parameterized properties, local shared variables, On Error Goto's, event .... Free download of VB.Net to C# Converter 5.08

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