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Csharp Export to Excel 2020.12.2 C# Export To Excel     new

... writing it to cells within a workbook and worksheet. IronXL also allows you to add functions and formatting, set background colors, create tables, freeze panes, all the general functionality you're so used to an Excel is programmatically accessible in iRONxl without having Excel installed on your server or client machine. .... Free download of Csharp Export to Excel 2020.12.2

C# Read Excel File 2021.1 Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team    

... The API supports formatting the cells in the worksheet so you can make beautiful spreadsheets that impress ... add formula to perform complex calculations in the worksheet. IronXL is free for development use and can be used liberally on machines where Visual Studio is in use. IronXL offers commercial licensing for .... Free download of C# Read Excel File 2021.1

mightymacros Dat Lite 1.2.1 mightymacros    

mightymacros Dat Lite is an Excel-based com add-in designed to identify duplicate invoices. The tool uses invoice information from an ERP or accounting system and uploads that information into an MS SQL Server database for analysis. The solution compares all invoices against bills to be paid and the output report lists .... Free download of mightymacros Dat Lite 1.2.1

Excel Merger 1.4 Excel Merger    

... Excel. Excel Merger supports a variety of common worksheet output formats like XLSX (Latest Excel Format), XLS ... merge all workbooks in a file to one worksheet, or merge all workbooks in multiple files into ... when you need to combine all documents, files, worksheets, tables and forms together. If you want to .... Free download of Excel Merger 1.4

Batch Excel To PDF Converter 1.1 PDFExcelConverter, Inc.    

... installing MS Office or Excel. Besides common Excel worksheet formats XLSX and XLS, Batch Excel to PDF ... PDF, this fantastic converter can convert each single worksheet in the Excel file to a separate PDF, ... per Sheet" option allows users to convert each worksheet into a single PDF page. It is a .... Free download of Batch Excel To PDF Converter 1.1

The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2 C# Excel Library Team    

... / Import Data from XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV. * Export Excel WorkSheets to XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV/JSON. * Work with Spreadsheets as System.Data.DataSet ... it edited. * Intuitive Ranges setting with a WorkSheet['A1:B10'] structure. * Sort Ranges, Columns and Rows. * Style Cells - Font, Size, Background design, Border, Alignment and Number formats. IronXL .Net Excel Library .... Free download of The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2

Multiple Search and Replace 6.2 4dots Software    

... position in file and line and page number, worksheet number etc. Additional search criteria include file attributes, file size and file date. The search term and the replace text can be multi-line, and the search operators are Contains,Must Contain,Must Not Contain,Exclusively Contains, Contains near text. Multiple file paths can be .... Free download of Multiple Search and Replace 6.2

DataNumen Office Repair 5.0 DataNumen, Inc.    

... corrupt or damaged MS Access databases, MS Excel worksheets, MS Outlook data files, MS PowerPoint pptx files, and MS Word documents. Main features: 1. Support to repair Microsoft Access 95 to 2019 and Access for Office 365 databases. 2. Support to repair Microsoft Excel xls and xlsx files in Excel .... Free download of DataNumen Office Repair 5.0

DataNumen Excel Repair 2.9 DataNumen, Inc.    

... restore structure of multi-sheet files. 4.Support to restore worksheet names. 5.Support to recover Excel files on corrupted medias, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMs, etc. 6.Support to repair a batch of Excel spreadsheet files. 7.Support integration with Windows Explorer, so you can fix a xls or xlsx file with .... Free download of DataNumen Excel Repair 2.9

Excel to SQL DataGrid via DataTable C# 2020.10.0 Excel to SQL and DataGrid via DataTable    

... data grid via data table". We convert a worksheet into a data table An excel worksheet is a single page or spreadsheet within a ... Excel workbook. In IronXL, we can select any worksheet and export it to a data set or ... table. There you will find within IronXL,there are worksheet.twodatatable, and workbook.twodataset methods that allow the automatic conversion .... Free download of Excel to SQL DataGrid via DataTable C# 2020.10.0

NTv2Poly 3.02 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

... Download the trial version from homepage Read the Worksheet at homepage Using NTv2 grid files it is possible to transform points from one coordinate reference system to another with very high accuracy. An NTv2 file contains one or more quasi-rectangular coordinate grids which are defined in the NTv2 headers. Instead .... Free download of NTv2Poly 3.02

mightymacros Excel Utilities 4.6.9 mightymacros    

... single click. 4. A navigation tool for large worksheets. 5. A multi-lookup tool that can return more ... lookup tool that performs multiple lookups across a worksheet. 7. A multi-find and replace tool 8. A multi-filter tool that you can save and retrieve your filter criteria 9. A store text and .... Free download of mightymacros Excel Utilities 4.6.9

Lagooffice 2.2.1 LAGOOFFICE INC.    

... import and export of various formats. Support Spreadsheets, worksheet, and cell permissions to ensure data security. At ... of permissions, and its fine level: cell permissions> worksheet permissions> workbook permissions.You will find that based on Lagooffice's level 3 permissions, you can play a lot of things, easily build ERP, order management, .... Free download of Lagooffice 2.2.1

Excel .Net Library 2020.6 Excel .NET Development Team    

... System.Data.DataTable articles. - Intuitive Ranges setting with a WorkSheet["A1:B10"] structure. - Excel spreadsheet formulas - Sort Ranges, Columns and Rows. - Style Cells - Font, Size, Background design, Border, Alignment and Number organizations. IronXL functions well in C#, VB.NET, MVC, ASP.NET for Websites, Console and Desktop APPs. Nuget Install for .... Free download of Excel .Net Library 2020.6

SSuite Axcel Professional Spreadsheet 2.4.1 SSuite Office Software    

SSuite Axcel is a professional, very useful, and practical spreadsheet application for everyday use at home or the office, and it's also absolutely and completely free! This powerful spreadsheet application has all the tools you need to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present your data in numerical reports or colourful graphics. A .... Free download of SSuite Axcel Professional Spreadsheet 2.4.1

Convert XLS 13.70 Softinterface, Inc.    

... used to merge data from many sheets/workbooks. Copy Worksheet(s) whole (including formatting) to the same or different ... the workbook. Merge Excel File Data. Combine Excel worksheet data by specifying the sheet(s) (and/or Range within each sheet) from a whole folder of workbooks to a single sheet. Batch printing of Excel .... Free download of Convert XLS 13.70

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Spartan 22.10 M8 Software(UK)    

... The main window slightly resembles a MS Excel worksheet, but it consists of a yellow and a white area. The yellow area contains several cells in which you can cut or copy text, capture clips and save them to your hard disk. In the white area you are able to .... Free download of Spartan 22.10

MAPILab Find and Replace 1.2.3 Office Assistance LLC    

... to specify an unlimited number of files and worksheets in which the Find and Replace operation is ... specify the whole file as well as selected worksheets in it. Using this option you can find ... sources: cells; formulas; comments; hyperlinks; shapes; headers; footers; worksheet properties. .... Free download of MAPILab Find and Replace 1.2.3

Infinite Geometry 2.52 Kuta Software LLC.    

Stop searching through textbooks, old worksheets, and question databases. Create questions with the characteristics you want them to have. Automatically space the questions on the page. Print professional-looking assignments. Infinite Geometry is an intuitive application especially designed for mathematics teachers in order to help them evaluate the knowledge .... Free download of Infinite Geometry 2.52

SSuite Basic-Math Spreadsheet 3.1 SSuite Office Software    

... budget, personal address book, or any type of worksheet in an instant. The spreadsheet application is absolutely cross-platform compatible and only needs a web browser to open. Spreadsheet and table size is 26 columns by 100 rows. Fully adjustable inside the source code to any size your computer system can .... Free download of SSuite Basic-Math Spreadsheet 3.1

TOra x64 3.2.186 Nathan Neulinger    

... developer of database application. Features PL/SQL debugger, SQL worksheet with syntax highlighting, DB browser and a comprehensive ... side to be fully functional. · Advanced SQL worksheet. · Code completion. · Explain execution plan. · Execution statistics. · SQL syntax highlighting. · Quick menu for often used custom SQL. · Parse .... Free download of TOra x64 3.2.186

Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition 7.80.6526.18163 Aulux Technologies Inc.    

... data editor. Import data from MS Excel worksheet, Txt, CSV, MS Access mdb files. Support for most database . Input data to the buildin data editor. Import or link to data from Excel, Access or Text file. Query data by SQL command from databases. Advanced query builder More .... Free download of Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition 7.80.6526.18163

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GS-Calc 17.2 Citadel5    

... of its unique features include capability of organizing worksheets in tree structures and working efficiently with very ... * Workbooks containing any number of hierarchically organized worksheets. * Multi-pane worksheet windows with up to 100 freely synchronized views. .... Free download of GS-Calc 17.2

IIF Transaction Creator for Mac OS X 10.97 Big Red Consulting    

... you to export the data from an Excel worksheet and create a IIF file. This tool enables ... can convert these transaction types from your Excel worksheet to an IIF file for import: Customer Invoice Customer Credit Memo Customer Sales Receipt Customer Payment Received Customer Statement Charge Customer Estimate Vendor .... Free download of IIF Transaction Creator for Mac OS X 10.97

Infinite Algebra 2 2.52 Kuta Software LLC.    

Stop searching through textbooks, old worksheets, and question databases. Infinite Pre-Algebra helps you create questions with the characteristics you want them to have. It enables you to automatically space the questions on the page and print professional-looking assignments. Give Infinite Algebra 2 a try to fully assess its capabilities! .... Free download of Infinite Algebra 2 2.52

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