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@SwIt Printfil 5.26 aSwIt Srl: Mail, Print for DOS, Windows    

... network printers, IP, fax printers and PDF writers, without changes to the original applications. Printfil can capture ... client program or a SMTP server, with or without user intervention. - use a single, customizable set ... - print to multiple printers simultaneously All this without changes to your applications If you've host based .... Free download of @SwIt Printfil 5.26

software award   

Script Encoder Plus (ScrEnc) dennisbabkin-dot-com    

... or compression (reduction of size) of HTML/ASP/JScript/VBScript documents without obfuscation. 6. Flexible settings for obfuscation that allow to fine-tune levels of scrambling. 7. Runs with a GUI interface that allows to preview 'Before' and 'After' scripts to see the results of obfuscation. 8. Ability to preview obfuscated page and compare .... Free download of Script Encoder Plus (ScrEnc)

Mp3 Tag Tools 1.2 Build 010 John George K.    

... created by searching a specified directory with or without recursion. · Use MTT as a hard drive mp3 search tool and virtual playlist. .... Free download of Mp3 Tag Tools 1.2 Build 010

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RoboAuthor 2016.7.8 Visual Vision    

... Website with a single tool; - Delphi, C++ MFC, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, Visual C, Java, ... video, visual linking (no broken links, ever!): all without coding! - optimized for large works (with the quick link feature you can manage 1000 pages with ease: no file names to remember, everything .... Free download of RoboAuthor 2016.7.8

ClassBuilder 2.11.533 Beta Jimmy Venema    

... so references to deleted objects and dangling objects without references will not occur. Better maintainable, the documentation ... and read back. · When used together with MFC, code can be generated to serialise the data structure. · Drag and drop support for: Adding a member to a class, adding arguments, changing .... Free download of ClassBuilder 2.11.533 Beta

ShellObjects ActiveX 2012 LogicNP Software    

ShellObjects ActiveX is a set of components brings a variety of powerful shell functionality to your app. The ShellPopupNotification displays multiple MSN/Office2003 style popups with slide and fade animations and complete customization and behavior control. ShellAppBar allows you to create Quick Launch-like appbars with drag-docking and auto-hide functionality. ShellNotifyIcon adds icons .... Free download of ShellObjects ActiveX 2012

Lingobit Localizer 7.0 Lingobit Technologies    

... localize software by extracting localizable resources directly from MFC, Delphi or .NET executable files. This makes it ... Lingobit software for translators and a project file without the source-code. No technical skills are required to get started with a software localization task. Software localization is incredibly easy with Lingobit's WYSIWYG editor .... Free download of Lingobit Localizer 7.0

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