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SevenVG Black RTM Theme for Win XP Vishal Gupta    

This theme is a Black version of theme for Windows XP which is the first Windows 7 look-a-like theme for Windows XP. .... Free download of SevenVG Black RTM Theme for Win XP

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Windows 7 Only black theme DeviantArt    

Customize the look and feel of Windows 7 .... Free download of Windows 7 Only black theme

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VistaVG Black Theme for Windows XP Vishal Gupta    

The theme can make your Windows XP look-a-like Windows Vista. You will amaze everyone with the appearance of your computer, without even needing to purchase a .... Free download of VistaVG Black Theme for Windows XP

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modTuner Pro Release 4 Burnt Fuse Pty Ltd    

... dark performance environments. modTuner Pro also offers a black-on-white theme, along with a range of attractive backgrounds to ... Pro automatically uses the sound source selected as Windows' default recording device, enabling it to be used with almost any sound source Windows recognizes. modTuner Pro; the reliable chromatic tuner ... tune even from a distance Dark and Light themes with a range of attractive backgrounds Optional note .... Free download of modTuner Pro Release 4

Checkers Pro Bernardo Zamora    

... known as Draughts, Chequers, Dames or Damas, for Windows Phone 7. It is the only Checkers game in Windows Phone 7 with real-time online gameplay, worldwide High ... a piece can jump, it must jump (optional) Black color always starts 8×8 board No flying kings ... these small phone screens! True high-res unlockable graphic themes. Try out the alien theme Unlimited undo: .... Free download of Checkers Pro

Perfect Hardware Icons 2012.1 Aha-Soft    

... supplied in the appropriate formats including the standard Windows ICO format as well as Bitmap, PNG and ... set provides you with icons of a hardware theme, such as icons for printers, drives and many ... release the following icon sets: Circle Dock Icons, Windows 7 Dock Icons, Social Icons, Black And White .... Free download of Perfect Hardware Icons 2012.1

DeVeDe 3.17.0 Raster Software & Peter Gill    

... free for all use. DeVeDe for Microsoft Windows is a version of DeVeDe that has been developed for Windows and will work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Any questions, suggestions, or problems can be ... at a later time · Option to choose Windows current theme or a dark theme · Ability .... Free download of DeVeDe 3.17.0

ZapWallPaper Magick 2011.7.6.0 CHARRETEUR Erwan    

... photo or insert in a frame or a theme. You will also have the possibility to build ... French, English, etc · Popup menu from the Windows taskbar for quick access · Change background when Windows starts · Change every x minutes. · Image ... number of backgrounds · Management of automatic filters, black and white, sepia, oil painting · Automatic management .... Free download of ZapWallPaper Magick 2011.7.6.0

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5 Windows X    

... and maintaining. At this moment, it supports only Windows Vista/7 only so if you're using these platforms ... Pack is now fixed and working fine in Windows 7 x64 Edition without any risks to get black screen. Features: Snow Transformation Pack comes ... and graphics to Snow Leopard * Change system theme to Snow Leopard * And much more .... Free download of Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

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