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SX WiFi Security Suite 8.0 SecurityXploded    

SX WiFi Security Suite is the complete collection of all ... instead of downloading each of them separately. SX WiFi Security Suite currently includes following Wireless tools, * Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner * Wi-Fi Network Monitor * Wi-Fi Password Decryptor .... Free download of SX WiFi Security Suite 8.0

SX Network Suite 5.0 SecurityXploded    

... IPv6 Disable * Ldap Search * MAC Address Scanner * LdapSearch * NetDatabaseScanner * NetShareMonitor * ProcNetMonitor * SSLCertDownloader * SSLCertScanner * WiFi Hotspot Scanner * WiFi Network Monitor All of these network softwares work .... Free download of SX Network Suite 5.0

WiFi Hotspot Scanner 6.0 SecurityXploded    

WiFi Hotspot Scanner is the FREE software to instantly scan and discover Wireless Hotspot devices around you. For each discovered Wi-Fi hotspot device, it displays following information * WiFi Name (SSID) * Security/Authentication (WEP/WPA/AES/TKIP) * Signal Strength ... of scan, you can save the discovered Wi-Fi Hotspot list HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file. It is fully portable and .... Free download of WiFi Hotspot Scanner 6.0

outSSIDer 1.0 Lasse Reinhold    

... be a small tool that scans for open WiFi networks and automatically tries to connect to them. ... lid while walking down the streets hunting for WiFi. But outSSIDer is also useful at your usual hotspot places (home, work, etc) where you just start ... by trying to fetch www.google.com/favicon.ico to exclude payment hotspots and closed networks. The new Resume function resumes .... Free download of outSSIDer 1.0

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