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WHIST Card Game From Special K 3.14 Special K Software    

WHIST Card Game From Special K. This program plays the popular card game of WHIST and Knock-Out WHIST with the benefits of playing through WINDOWS. You ... animation, and supports all screen resolutions and sound cards. So, it is ideal for expert and beginner .... Free download of WHIST Card Game From Special K 3.14

Bid Whist 2020 RWM and Associates    

This is the best electronic Bid Whist game ever created. It works on Windows 7, Windows ... Windows 10. It plays with a standard 52 card deck, two jokers, a six card kitty, with trump and no trump. You play ... two computer opponents. You can save and recall games, show the history of what cards were played .... Free download of Bid Whist 2020

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