Visual Web Ripper 3.0.19 Sequentum    

... Ripper provides high performance with it's multi-threaded web crawler collector, but web grabbers at the very top-end ... collecting data even if the structure of a webpage changes slightly. *Email notifications can be sent out if the structure of a webpage changes so much that you must modify the .... Free download of Visual Web Ripper 3.0.19

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NCollector Studio Calluna Software    

... types, make an offline browsable copy of any webpage, or simply make a backup of your website. NCollector is the all in one solution covering your needs whether you're a professional or home user. Search mode can be used to download photos, videos etc. by just specifying a search-provider .... Free download of NCollector Studio

Vietspider Web Data Extractor 3.19 VietSpider    

The web crawler is a program that automatically traverses the web ... page to page. A general purpose of web crawler is to download any web page that can ... as a means of providing up-to-date data. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of ... index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches. Crawlers can also be used for automating maintenance tasks .... Free download of Vietspider Web Data Extractor 3.19

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