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SSuite Photo Gallery Portable 4.2 SSuite Office Software    

... be imported into album by using the file browser. Batch selection is permitted through the "Open File" ... single file {slide show}, viewable in any current web browser. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time... .... Free download of SSuite Photo Gallery Portable 4.2

WinRT Metro Studio 5.34 IconsButtons    

Whether you are a professional icon designer, software developer or you simply like to customize your ... formats including packed Windows 8/7Vista icons. The icon software has all the necessary features that will satisfy ... an editor window in one tab and a browser window in another. It's easier than ever thanks. Free download of WinRT Metro Studio 5.34

OpenVPN for Linux 2.4.9 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.    

... the VPN virtual interface. OpenVPN is not a web application proxy and does not operate through a web browser. OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. is committed to both ... your specific needs. The community version of the software is developed openly and transparently in community-driven fashion. ... withal be acclimated to develop a GUI or web-predicated front-end application for OpenVPN. FEATURES: · .... Free download of OpenVPN for Linux 2.4.9

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2017 Zonelabs    

... package for your digital world Best antivirus software, including zero-day attack prevention Total protection for your ... and other cyber threats with our advanced security software products. We provide industry-leading security software for both home and small businesses. Our products include powerful antivirus protection, spyware removal, firewall, browser security, ID theft prevention, and more. We support .... Free download of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2017

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BlissRADIUS for Linux 3.16.12 Branimir Milosavljević    

... in this product. For managers: * Software solution for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for ... one package * Core consists of RADIUS and Web server designed in accordance with the RFC standards ... standards * Access and use is using a web browser * Multilingual support, new translations can be .... Free download of BlissRADIUS for Linux 3.16.12

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CleanMail Home Byteplant GmbH    

... optional download. CleanMail Home also supports anti-virus software packages by many 3rd party vendors. With CleanMail ... view real-time statistics charts and reports using a web browser, or using the CleanMail Admin application. Data available ... can be used with any POP3 email client software. Give CleanMail Home a try to see .... Free download of CleanMail Home

Online Chat Centers Agent Motava Corporation    

FREE & Easy integration to your web site: - Live Customer Support - Technical Support ... Application. With this, you will not use a web browser to wait for customer requests, but have an ... will appear in your Operator Window), and your web-based agent will ring. Then you can Accept or. Free download of Online Chat Centers Agent

All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software 2019 Eshasoft    

Eshasoft Desktop Calendar Software is a user-friendly and fun to use all-in-one productivity tool. With Eshasoft All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software, you can easily organize your time and contacts, and browse the Web with no pop-ups. Desktop calendar software will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, ... week or month view. Using all-in-one desktop calendar software, you can create single or recurring events and .... Free download of All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software 2019

FreeFixer 1.19 FreeFixer    

... that will assist you when deleting potentially unwanted software, such as rootkits, adware, trojans, spyware and viruses. FreeFixer will scan locations where unwanted software has a known record of appearing or leaving ... that start when you reboot your machine, your browser plug-ins, etc. FreeFixer will also scan for programs ... be deleted you can find information at FreeFixer's web site for the items in the scan result. .... Free download of FreeFixer 1.19

Audacity for Mac OS X 2.3.3 Audacity    

... Audacity for Mac OS X is free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed ... the GNU General Public License (GPL). Free software is not just free of cost (like "free ... free as in freedom (like "free speech"). Free software gives you the freedom to use a program, .... Free download of Audacity for Mac OS X 2.3.3

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Apache CouchDB 3.0.0 Apache Software Foundation    

... is a document database that completely embraces the web. Data is stored as JSON documents. These documents can then be accessed via HTTP, with a web browser. And queries can be done in JavaScript. Because of this, CouchDB works well with modern web applications and mobile apps. You can distribute .... Free download of Apache CouchDB 3.0.0

CleanMail Home Portable Byteplant GmbH    

... optional download. CleanMail Home also supports anti-virus software packages by many 3rd party vendors. With CleanMail ... view real-time statistics charts and reports using a web browser, or using the CleanMail Admin application. Data available ... can be used with any POP3 email client software. Give CleanMail Home a try to see .... Free download of CleanMail Home Portable

Print2Flash Free Edition 5.1 Print2Flash Software    

... be shared with users who don't have the software that created the original document (for example, Microsoft ... number of operating systems or with any modern browser with HTML5 support. These files can be seamlessly published on the Web as well for fast and easy access to ... types, and you can view them in any browser that supports Flash, or you can view them .... Free download of Print2Flash Free Edition 5.1

Tonido CodeLathe, LLC    

Tonido software allows you to access and share your desktop's ... media, calendar and applications from any­where through a browser. Tonido is an extensible personal web application platform, that offers an set of rich and powerful browser based applications. Since applications and data are ... allows easy access from any device with a web browser. Tonido also connects to other Tonido .... Free download of Tonido

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Google Ad Blocker 8.0 SecurityXploded    

Google Ad Blocker is the free software to quickly Block Google Ads on all Web Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera etc. ... these annoying Ads and also enjoy much faster web browsing. Here are the key features, # One Click Solution to Block Google Ads on all Browsers # Does not Install any Browser Extensions or .... Free download of Google Ad Blocker 8.0

Webcam Surveyor 3.8.2 El Software Solutions    

Webcam Surveyor is all in one web cam software solutions includes: video surveillance, capture, video broadcasting and ... with your PC in your absence. The built-in browser allows to easily organizing captured images and video clips. .... Free download of Webcam Surveyor 3.8.2

Interactive Display Creator 3.0.0 SoftRM    

Interactive Display Creator is an interactive multimedia display software suitable for schools, exhibition halls, banks, hospitals and other public areas. This software can be used to create rich multimedia interactive display system without professional computer knowledge. Picture, video, web browser, rich text, messageboard, Flash, animated gif can be ... page. Using the combination module provided by the software, you can quickly set up a page that .... Free download of Interactive Display Creator 3.0.0

Senomix Timesheets 5.2 Senomix Software Inc    

Senomix Timesheets is the easiest networked time tracking software for engineering and project-based offices. Providing a web timesheet without requiring a web browser, Senomix Timesheets delivers an easy way to coordinate ... serial number via our keygen, please visit our web site at www.senomix.com .... Free download of Senomix Timesheets 5.2

Adobe Flash Player for Mac OS X Adobe Systems    

Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers. Adobe Flash Player is a high-performance, browser-based and cross-platform application runtime and one of the essential plug-in for most internet browsers. Adobe Flash Player can be easily installed .... Free download of Adobe Flash Player for Mac OS X

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Apache Wicket for Linux 8.7.0 Apache Software Foundation    

... refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex ... between sessions. Furthermore URL encryption allows highly secure web sites. Transparent, Scalable Clustering Support All ... they accessed with the back button in their browser, Wicket is able to revert the page object .... Free download of Apache Wicket for Linux 8.7.0

BitNami Joomla! Stack for Mac OS X 3.9.13-0 BitNami    

... each aspect of their website through a simple, browser-based interface. Once Joomla! is up and running, ... as easy as possible to install open source software. Our installers completely automate the process of installing and configuring all of the software included in each Stack, so you can have ... self-contained, and therefore do not interfere with any software already installed on your system. For example, you .... Free download of BitNami Joomla! Stack for Mac OS X 3.9.13-0

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Router Password Kracker 7.0 SecurityXploded Inc.    

Router Password Kracker is a free software to recover the lost password of your Router. ... to recover password from your internet Modem or Web sites which are protected by HTTP BASIC Authentication. ... when you connect to your Modem/Router from the browser (typically homepage you will be asked to enter username .... Free download of Router Password Kracker 7.0

AdLock for Android Hankuper, s. r. o.    

... URL to find out whether it contains malicious software, and if so, youll get a warning pop ... - Our ad blocker for Android apps and browsers provides regular reports with the number of deleted threats and amount of saved traffic. AdLock is an effective tool in a war for the .... Free download of AdLock for Android

SSuite Basic-Math Spreadsheet 3.1 SSuite Office Software    

... is absolutely cross-platform compatible and only needs a web browser to open. Spreadsheet and table size is 26 ... offline capabilities, you don't need to install any software. Use the built-in capabilities of your HTML5 web browser for such things as spell checking, print, print ... of paying for more options and features. Our web based applications are not this restrictive and are .... Free download of SSuite Basic-Math Spreadsheet 3.1

VueMinder Lite USB 2020.02 VueSoft LLC    

... happen to be online or offline. A calendar browser allows addition of many calendars, such as holidays, ... export ICS files. Calendars can be saved as web pages (HTML) for publication to your website or sharing with others. Print features are also provided, with a number of layout styles and a .... Free download of VueMinder Lite USB 2020.02

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