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IP2Location Geolocation Database Apr.2021 IP2Location.com     update

... of service; 5. Reduce credit card fraud; 6. Web log stats and analysis; 7. Auto-selection of fields on forms (country, currency,language, etc.); 8. Online advertisement campaign by region; 9. Spam filtering; 10. Filter access from countries you do not do business with; Database updated monthly to support latest changes in .... Free download of IP2Location Geolocation Database Apr.2021

SSuite Penumbra Editor 14.8.4 SSuite Office Software TM     update

... content directly from other applications or even your web browser. - Access your documents directly from your online cloud storage account inside Penumbra. Try our latest Online Edition: homepage We also have a new search engine: homepage No Java or DotNet required, Green Energy Software! Saving the planet one bit .... Free download of SSuite Penumbra Editor 14.8.4

C# PDF 2021.3.1 C# PDF Document Team     update

... languages. IronPDF makes PDF documents from your C# web, desktop or mobile applications. C# PDF: The .Net PDF editing, merging, generating library for C#. Free PDF C# libraries PDFsharp, iTextSharp and so forth are complex to use. IronPDF takes a different approach of these to make a library that is .... Free download of C# PDF 2021.3.1

eWay-CRM eWay System LLC     update

... WORKS ONLINE If you like Mac, use eWay-CRM Web. It's an online app that allows you to use any device that's by hand. COMPANY AGENDA IN ONE PLACE Contacts, Sales, Projects and Marketing Mail Merges available from your Outlook. Get the full communication history, attach documents, plan follow-ups, send bulk .... Free download of eWay-CRM

LPR Lost Password Recovery 1.0.4 Nsasoft US LLC     update

LPR Lost Password Recovery reveals website, email, social media passwords from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers, allows to backup to HTML, CSV, TXT file or copy to clipboard. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface. We offer flexible licensing scheme, you can register a .... Free download of LPR Lost Password Recovery 1.0.4

C# PDF Viewer 2021.3.1 C# PDF Viewer     new

... program that lets you open a PDF. Most web browsers have one included. We do not include ... add PDF viewing to your application is using web technology. The default web browser with an operating system can already view a PDF. Simply use a web browser control within your PDF viewing desktop application .... Free download of C# PDF Viewer 2021.3.1

Automate 11.5 HelpSystems LLC.     update

... of virtual and cloud-based computing environments, plus improved web-app interaction, to its proven and award-winning track record. Unleash the power of today's cost-friendly, flexible, on-demand computing resources, paired with your on premise IT infrastructure. Integrate The Cloud with your in-house servers and software systems by using dynamic, easy to deploy .... Free download of Automate 11.5

How to use Tesseract OCR in C# 2020.1 Jim Baker and Iron Tesseract OCR Team     new

... appropriate for using in real-world scenarios such as web applications. Iron OCR provides the latest Tesseract 5 ... We have also seen customers use it within web applications to scan uploaded content and turn it into text, which can then be purposed for another use, such as a database. Iron OCR .... Free download of How to use Tesseract OCR in C# 2020.1

Icons8 Lunacy 6.9 Icons8 LLC     update

... do in Lunacy: - Mockups and prototypes, - Web and mobile UI designs, - Icons and illustrations, - Marketing materials. Speed up your work: - High-quality icons, photos, illustrations, and GUI elements for your designs from built-in libraries. - Smart style suggestions that remember your styles and make it easy .... Free download of Icons8 Lunacy 6.9

SSuite Axcel Professional Spreadsheet 2.4.2 SSuite Office Software TM     update

SSuite Axcel is a professional, very useful, and practical spreadsheet application for everyday use at home or the office, and it's also absolutely and completely free! This powerful spreadsheet application has all the tools you need to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present your data in numerical reports or colourful graphics. A .... Free download of SSuite Axcel Professional Spreadsheet 2.4.2

myLauncher 2019.4.0 Rutanil    

... flash drive that it is running from, add web url in Launch List (as bookmarks) and open those urls in any machine that the flash drive is connected to, in other word, carry your bookmarks in your pocket. Takes little screen area, can stay on screen without disturbing user at .... Free download of myLauncher 2019.4.0

Retail Man POS Kielder Connections    

... the world. Support is included for integration with web stores including OpenCart. Integrated credit and debit card processing with ITEX and Xpress Payments in Nigeria, PaymentSense in UK, Ireland, PC EFTPOS in Australia, ChargeItPro for customers in USA, Canada. Upgrade to add POS stations or another store to expand with .... Free download of Retail Man POS

The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1 Iron .NET PDF Developers    

... is to use HTML, CSS, and images traditional web technologies as the design standard for their PDF ... allows for deployment direct to Azure or to web hosts without any additional configuration or the use of C++ binaries, and most PDF generation and editing operations can be achieved in a single .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1

Create PDF in C# 2021.3.1 Create PDF in C# Developers    

... best way to create a PDF in any web application in .Net is to create it from ... and any file format you can open a web browser. IronPDF has a second rendering method, Image to PDF, where we can take one or more images and automatically convert these images straight .... Free download of Create PDF in C# 2021.3.1

ProVide Västgöta-Data AB    

... to project files and information using a familiar web interface. The key advantage is that files are ... into the cloud. ProVide combines both a user-friendly web interface for user collaboration; with powerful SFTP, FTPS, and TFTP services. Empowering end users with collaboration features to enable instant, effortless and secure means .... Free download of ProVide

DevGear 2.0.1 DevGear    

... Tools: Format, Validate, Minify & Convert to JSON Web Editor: Instantly mockup HTML designs! Password Tool: Generate strong random passwords & check strength. Network Tool: Quickly check if your computer can connect to another computer/server on a given port. Text Tools: Various text utilities. Base64 Tools: Encode and decode tools .... Free download of DevGear 2.0.1

HelpSmith 9.0 Divcom Software    

... for easy creation of CHM HTML Help files, Web Help , PDF, and Printable Documentation using the same source help project. The reliable environment includes a powerful MS Word-like Unicode word-processor for editing help topics with dynamic styles and live spell checker, advanced approach to working with graphical files, and .... Free download of HelpSmith 9.0

Maiar Browser Elrond Ltd    

* Fast, private, ad-free and secure Privacy is a fundamental human right so we've put it at the core of Maiar. That's why Maiar was built to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. * No ads. No trackers. No fingerprinting Maiars built-in ad blocker, Maiar Safeguard, gets .... Free download of Maiar Browser

Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1 Iron PDF Development Team    

... with an ASP.NET C# PDF library using standard web documents and by not relying upon bespoke APIs. ... using VB C# in ASP .NET. Convert common web documents html, aspx, javascript, CSS, and image types ... well in an array of application types including Web, Console and Desktop supporting web forms and MVC. .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1

Stop PORN 9.09 PB Software, LLC    

... with an avalanche of features. WORKS ON ALL WEB BROWSERS! SHUTS DOWN BROWSERS FAST WHEN PORN IS DETECTED! Prevent file sharing and chat programs from running Instead, the configuration screen groups all options and lets you define the file-sharing apps you want to block, with options including BearShare, Kazaa, LimeWire .... Free download of Stop PORN 9.09

PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control (Free) 1 ApPHP CodeMarket    

... data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The ApPHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data administration; it is also ... the generation and editing of DataGrid pages for web developers. It is a fully functional, outstanding open ... DataGrid is an excellent tool for: PHP database-driven web sites Adding Back-End for existing sites Creating online-based .... Free download of PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control (Free) 1

Aml Pages 9.91b2831 G&G Software    

... is a feature-rich application developed for managing documents, web pages, notes, passwords and other important information in a single place. A somewhat crowded but quite functional user interface The interface is represented by a regular window divided into multiple areas for creating objects, managing them, viewing history, and others. There .... Free download of Aml Pages 9.91b2831

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Csharp Export to Excel 2020.12.2 C# Export To Excel    

... so that they can get data exported from web and desktop and server applications and use them for their own use for their own applications. IronXL provides a comprehensive format to take any data in C#, and programmatically converted into excel files, which can be saved to disk or downloaded .... Free download of Csharp Export to Excel 2020.12.2

PhotoStage Photo Slideshow Software Free 8.23 NCH Software    

... as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices. Add a soundtrack, narrative or text captions to further enhance your memories. Touch up or enhance your photos and videos with ease. Transition Effects: * Panning and zooming effects let you bring your photos to life. * Fade .... Free download of PhotoStage Photo Slideshow Software Free 8.23

PhotoStage Pro Edition 8.23 NCH Software    

... as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices. Add a soundtrack, narrative or text captions to further enhance your memories. Touch up or enhance your photos and videos with ease. Transition Effects: * Panning and zooming effects let you bring your photos to life. * Fade .... Free download of PhotoStage Pro Edition 8.23

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