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Smart Grid Simulations 6.48 Dynamic Applications    

... allow you to calculate your personal Household Power Supply. With PV Energy, Wind Turbine, as well as ... really on founding, on building your own Civilization. Water Supply (basic self-supply) Apple Tree (self-supply with Garden) Multi-Material ... Product that brings a large variety of Power Supply and Infrastructure Simulations. Every Input Value can be .... Free download of Smart Grid Simulations 6.48

Water Supply 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

The Water Supply Simulation is a calculator by Dynamic Applications that ... own, self-built House Well. Includes a simple House Water Reservoir Battery Simulation. But does it really make ... we calculate a completely sustainable house with a Water Supply Battery, as an example of what's possible with ... idea and platform features of all times. Finally, Water Supply includes the Bakery Tutorial, an introductory simulation .... Free download of Water Supply 5.96

Pirate Desire 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... Tutorial, to Simulation Models for specific purposes like, Water Supply, Apple Tree, a Tool Builder calculation model, Small Busines Developments, the 21st century Truck Driver, an Internet of Things developer simulation, and even a .... Free download of Pirate Desire 5.96

Apple Tree 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... calculator for starting up a professional business, a Water Supply - Well Builder intro simulation, The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition, and a configurable Time Ruler. All Simulations allow for fine-tuning of any Input .... Free download of Apple Tree 5.96

Drafter 3.51 Grzegorz Wisowski    

... the way up to sewage systems, drawings of water supply or gas systems, design wastewater treatment plants, as well as drainage networks. Taking everything into account, it's quite clear that Drafter is a very .... Free download of Drafter 3.51

GHydraulics 2.1.8 Steffen Macke    

... a Quantum GIS plugin that allows to export water supply networks for analysis in EPANET. It also contains a function to calculate economic diameters based on given flowrates. The functions are accessible from the .... Free download of GHydraulics 2.1.8

RADlab 1.03 Dagistan Sahin    

... the experiments are carried on, can be air, water or vacuum. For the environments the cross-section data ... the experiments are carried on, can be air, water or vacuum. For the environments the cross-section data ... spectroscopy instruments are modeled. These are High Voltage Supply for the detectors, Preamplifier and Amplifier for signal .... Free download of RADlab 1.03

Tropics Benchmark 1.3 Unigine Corp.    

... stability test for PC hardware: video card, power supply, cooling system. Check your rig in stock and ... and OpenGL Dynamic sky with light scattering Dynamic water with a surf zone and caustics HDR rendering Real-time ambient occlusion Up to 2M polygons per frame Interactive experience with fly-through mode Stereo 3D .... Free download of Tropics Benchmark 1.3

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