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Water Supply 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

The Water Supply Simulation is a calculator by Dynamic Applications that ... own, self-built House Well. Includes a simple House Water Reservoir Battery Simulation. But does it really make ... we calculate a completely sustainable house with a Water Supply Battery, as an example of what's possible with ... participative. Two voting competitions on Twitter, world's fastest network, are defining our path to follow. The work .... Free download of Water Supply 5.96

Drafter 3.51 Grzegorz Wisowski    

... a comprehensive utility specialized in designing complex pipe networks. In fact, this rather interesting piece of software can be used to create anything from pipe networks all the way up to sewage systems, drawings of water supply or gas systems, design wastewater treatment plants, as well as drainage networks. Taking everything into account, it's quite clear that .... Free download of Drafter 3.51

GHydraulics 2.1.8 Steffen Macke    

... a Quantum GIS plugin that allows to export water supply networks for analysis in EPANET. It also contains a .... Free download of GHydraulics 2.1.8

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