CheckDrive 2016s Abelssoft    

... and shows the amount of garbage on the disks. The new version additionally shows the S.M.A.R.T. data ... Since version 2012 you have the option to visualize the usage of your hard drives with the FolderVisualizer module which analyzes your disk drives and shows you exactly which files and folders need most space on your disk. It can even create lists .... Free download of CheckDrive 2016s

Drives Monitor 14.2 Bushyn SOFTWARE    

Utilizes Performance Monitor data to visualize physical or logical disk activity. For each physical/logical disk, % active time and bytes read and written ... time and bytes read and written per physical/logical disk * Logical partitions on the same disk are grouped * Automatically reconfigures if disks are added or removed * Allows for excluding .... Free download of Drives Monitor 14.2

Disk Usage Analyzer 1.4 ManyProg    

Disk Usage Analyzer Free - a small utility that will help you visualize how to allocate space on your hard drive. Any PC user ever wondered what to do with the free space on the hard disk. For this purpose, we need a special tool ... display visibility and accessibility of this information. Program Disk Usage Analyzer Free is useful in cases where .... Free download of Disk Usage Analyzer 1.4

PC Cleaner Platinum 5 PC HelpSoft    

... up and shutdown time. PC Cleaner helps you visualize all of the programs attempting to launch at Windows startup and allows you to choose which applications are allowed to load automatically. Startup and Shutdown times can be improved dramatically when even a few unnecessary programs are removed from the startup .... Free download of PC Cleaner Platinum 5

DaisyDisk 4.0.2 DaisyDisk Team    

DaisyDisk scans your disks and presents their content as interactive maps where ... files and remove them to get more free space. The map gives you an overview of your data, so you always know what your hard disks are filled with. DaisyDisk gives you ... of all volumes currently mounted, be it internal disk, USB thumbstick, FireWire drive, network or even virtual .... Free download of DaisyDisk 4.0.2

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VideoCAD Starter II Kit 7.1 CCTVCAD Software    

... Camera CCTV Calculator for calculating network bandwidth and disk spaces; VideoCAD Plugin for Google SketchUp allows to import ... IP cameras with optimal resolution (number of pixels). Visualize camera pixel density (spacial resolution) and field-of-view size ... the kit, allows to calculate required bandwidth and disk space for IP camera installation. This calculator allows .... Free download of VideoCAD Starter II Kit 7.1

easy visualize disk usage 3.3.03 easy disk space reporting    

... reports about grow of the data, the free space and what folders are using all the space or growing. You want to easy visualize disk usage and make easy disk space reporting. Management is the function that organizes the ... any action. One day you need to easy visualize disk usage on your computer. There are many .... Free download of easy visualize disk usage 3.3.03

Prism HUD 1.0 Util's Haven    

... core's load; Memory: total usage and hard faults; Disk: each disk's used space, utilization and transfer rate; Network: each interface's transfer .... Free download of Prism HUD 1.0

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