Unipro UGENE 1.27.0 Unipro    

Unipro UGENE is a free visual software solution for DNA and protein sequence analysis. UGENE provides customizable tools for visualization, analysis, annotation of genetic sequences. Unipro UGENE is a powerful piece of software that provides you with advanced tools for creating, ... for multiple biological data formats and it provides visualization modules for objects ranging from next-generation sequencing data .... Free download of Unipro UGENE 1.27.0

Blend4Web Community Edition 17.08 Triumph LLC    

... browsers. There is no need to install additional software such as plug-ins. Blend4Web is an open source product independent of any proprietary components or cloud services. The solution is recognized around the world and extensively used by the best brands such as NASA, Dassault, General Electric, Verison, Yandex and others. .... Free download of Blend4Web Community Edition 17.08

RISA-2D 16.0.0 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... RISA-2D is general purpose two-dimensional analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. ... Top-notch Presentation of Results Both graphical and numerical visualization capabilities let you get presentation quality results quickly and easily. .... Free download of RISA-2D 16.0.0

ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer ByteScout, Inc    

Bytescout Bitmap Visualizer (freeware) Debugger bitmap objects content visualization add-on for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, ... Visit www.bytescout.com for more tools and libraries for software developers! .... Free download of ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer

OPC Scada Viewer AGG Software    

... bright technical concept and looking for a handy software for extending your hardware application. Whichever the case ... tabs with Different sets of indicators; * Adjustable visualization settings for each indicator; * Automatically controlling a connection to the host and keeping it alive; * Using any image as the background image .... Free download of OPC Scada Viewer

Dashboard Cola 2.0.0 DrQuantz    

Dashboard Cola is an interactive visualization dashboard designer where the user are able to click and drill down the data. The charting support various type of interactive charting from simple line chart, area chart, bar chart, pie chart, to tree map, as well as global maps. It has built in .... Free download of Dashboard Cola 2.0.0

CAD .NET: DWG DXF CGM PLT library for C# 12 CADSoftTools    

... to develop in .NET environment (C#, VB.NET, J#) software to work with CAD files. Its basic features ... TIFF, GIF, etc) and metafiles (EMF, WMF), their visualization and printing. A developer can get access to ... of developing simpler in case you need drawing visualization. An important feature of CAD .NET is that .... Free download of CAD .NET: DWG DXF CGM PLT library for C# 12

Report Cola 2.0.0 DrQuantz    

Report Cola is a report designer which allow user to present the database into printable report documents. The report can be generated from wide range of database server. Intuitive designer allows users to design long and repetitive reports simply in one page drag and drop designer. It has multiple choices of .... Free download of Report Cola 2.0.0

CARIS Easy View 4.2.13 CARIS    

... of file types without the need for specialized software. CARIS Easy View gives users control of ... additional analysis of the data. Using the 3D visualization engine, users can effectively inspect data from every angle using various visualization, surface draping and filtering techniques. While navigating through .... Free download of CARIS Easy View 4.2.13

NOV User Interface for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... Layout Panels - Range Based Widgets - Text Visualization and Editing - Tree View - List Box - NOV Top Level Windows - Text Widgets - Themes - Miscellaneous UI features that apply to all types of widgets include: - Borders an implementation of the W3C borders specification, with many .... Free download of NOV User Interface for .NET 2017.1

NOV Grid for .NET 2017.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... type of widget as cell editor or cell visualization. NOV Grid for .NET features: - Great performance; - Binding to diverse set of data sources; - Grouping, Sorting, Filtering; - Master - Detail; - Hierarchical view; - Calculated columns; - Frozen rows and columns; - Column reordering and resizing; - .... Free download of NOV Grid for .NET 2017.1

LightningChart SDK 8.0 Arction Ltd    

... 3D measurement, engineering, trading, finance and research data visualization SDK for .NET, WPF and WinForms. LightningChart Ultimate ... entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D ... is especially designed for professional high-speed data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific research, G.I.S., .... Free download of LightningChart SDK 8.0

Surfer 14.1.624 Golden Software Inc    

... gridding parameters, including customized variograms, than any other software package on the market. Surfer comes packing a full-function 3D visualization, contouring and surface modeling package that runs under ... utilized extensively for terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, contour mapping, watershed and 3D surface .... Free download of Surfer 14.1.624

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Axence nVision Axence    

... The program provides network and user activity monitoring, software and hardware inventory, data leakage protection, remote control, ... and very intuitive interface. PROACTIVE NETWORK MONITORING AND VISUALIZATION: Network module monitors mail servers and Web addresses, ... detected and presented on interactive maps. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INVENTORY: Inventory module automatically collects the hardware and .... Free download of Axence nVision

Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1 Nevron Software LLC    

Nevron Map for SharePoint is an advanced web part for all versions Microsoft SharePoint (WSS3.0, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016). It is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to create choropleth maps that are tightly integrated with your data. The Map Web Part delivers a great set of .... Free download of Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1

Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1 Nevron Software LLC    

Nevron Barcode for SharePoint is an advanced web part for all versions of Microsoft SharePoint ( WSS3.0, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 ). It is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to display data driven linear and matrix barcodes directly inside SharePoint. The Barcode Web Part delivers a .... Free download of Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1

EasyCargo 2.05 Bee Interactive s.r.o.    

Container loading and truck loading software. (also called as container loading calculator) Easy to ... short tutorial videos. With live like interactive 3D visualization. Thanks to "see through cargo" you can now explore inside of your load plan. Included manual load plan adjustment feature will help you to tune up position .... Free download of EasyCargo 2.05

MCNelectron 1.2.6 Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics    

... output files and creating graphics rendering scripts for visualization of the simulation geometry and particle tracks. The ... Geometry Editor - a part of the open-source software package BRL-CAD available from brlcad.org), which generates raytraced or wireframe images from 3D models using the constructive solid geometry technique. .... Free download of MCNelectron 1.2.6

Audio Control MBBSoftware    

Audio Control is an audio mixer software utility for visualization and control of the computer audio volume, and ... used for FREE with an ad-driven or qualifying software license, or with a paid license. .... Free download of Audio Control

Cool Timer Harmony Hollow Software    

... mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically using any of several high-quality, built-in images or any image on your computer. In countdown mode, the image is gradually wiped away or revealed in a radial, clock-like, sweep pattern in sync with the time as .... Free download of Cool Timer

EWDraw 3D ActiveX East Wind Software    

EWDraw is a powerful vector graphics ActiveX for 2D and 3D visualisation and animation. You can use it for CAD,GIS and others. The EWDraw is based on Open CASCADE geometric kernel v 5.2 and openGL. EWDraw CAD Component Ultimate Edition (formerly EWDraw 3D ActiveX Ultimate Edition) is a reliable tool designed .... Free download of EWDraw 3D ActiveX

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Visustin 8 Aivosto Oy    

Visustin is a flow chart generator for software developers. Convert your source code to flow charts ... charts or draw your own. Use Visustin for software maintenance and code review. Understand complex routines. Review algorithms. Verify program logic. Restructure bad code. Produce code documentation automatically. Create PDF flow charts. Make flow .... Free download of Visustin 8

Gwyddion for Linux 2.47 David Necas and Petr Klapetek    

... modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualization and analysis. Primarily it is intended for analysis ... features). Gwyddion is Free and Open Source software, covered by GNU General Public License. It aims ... modules and plug-ins. Moreover, the status of free software enables to provide source codes to developers and .... Free download of Gwyddion for Linux 2.47

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Gwyddion 2.47 David Necas and Petr Klapetek    

... modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualization and analysis. Primarily it is intended for analysis ... features). Gwyddion is Free and Open Source software, covered by GNU General Public License. It aims ... modules and plug-ins. Moreover, the status of free software enables to provide source codes to developers and .... Free download of Gwyddion 2.47

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Gmsh for Linux 2.14.1 Christophe Geuzaine    

... for academic problems with parametric input and advanced visualization capabilities. Gmsh is a CAD software that helps you to design 3D elements. Gmsh is built around four modules: geometry, mesh, solver and post-processing. The specification of any input .... Free download of Gmsh for Linux 2.14.1

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