Alexa Monitor 1.4 Bushyn SOFTWARE    

... internet, taking into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each ... the millions of websites that receive relatively few visitors. .... Free download of Alexa Monitor 1.4

Easy File Sharing Web Server 7.2 EFS Software, Inc.    

... videos and music/MP3 files securely. It also allows visitors to upload/download files easily through web-based interfaces. Easy ... create a virtual folder from your hard disk; visitors may upload/download files to/from it. Easy File Sharing Web Server is much easier to use than a typical FTP server. .... Free download of Easy File Sharing Web Server 7.2

Dictionary 101210 Inc.    

This is a great way to get repeat visitors!If the subject matter of your site contains words or phrases which are unique to your industry, why not place a searchable dictionary on your site?Upload a text file with your words and definitions along with the script and soon you'll have .... Free download of Dictionary 101210

HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8.9 Creative Computer Solutions    

... program is perfect for businesses to keep web visitors up-to-date on the latest events, schools to let the community know what activities are coming up, and even family home pages for birthdays, holidays and genealogy work. No knowledge of HTML is needed, so only a minimum knowledge of how a .... Free download of HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8.9

CounterMail 50409-1418 Inc.    

... many do not provide statistical information about your visitors. You'd like to know who is visiting your ... server, CounterMail can retrieve the information from your visitors, and email it to you. You get to ... SSI, to show a simple count of unique visitors. A visitor won't be counted twice, even if .... Free download of CounterMail 50409-1418

Petition 50108 Inc.    

... view_petition. pl script. New!Now you can let your visitors view the petition, without concern for privacy. Unless you include the password, the view_petition script will only display the name and the signature. Also added in the last release is the ability to specify the number of signatures per page, and .... Free download of Petition 50108

VirtualTour 4.0 Inc.    

... the internet. This script can keep track of visitors, allowing you to 'hide' objects in rooms that ... be picked up; it remembers what room returning visitors were in, what they had in their posession, and more. The potential is good for making interactive games. .... Free download of VirtualTour 4.0

PostCard 56028.2134 Inc.    

Allow your visitors to send any image on your site as a postcard. They can even customize the colours and the style, as well as choose their own background music. Like many of the scripts on this site, this is useful for generating traffic to your site, because the card .... Free download of PostCard 56028.2134

Tell A Friend 61030 Inc.    

Some tell a friend scripts may be prone to hacking, allowing unsavoury individuals to spam through your mail server. This script however has anti-spam protection built into it on many levels. It is easily implemented into your site by using Server Side Includes-- this script can be inserted into any page .... Free download of Tell A Friend 61030

DIP Update 31124-2104 Inc.    

... address changes, so no matter how your web visitors find your site, you can rest assured they'll get there without any problems. .... Free download of DIP Update 31124-2104

Million Dollar Pixels 60207 Inc.    

... create a similar page made of advertisements. Your visitors will be able to automatically select and purchase sections on which to upload their own ad. Do you have some advertisers who don't have web space? Not a problem! This script allows them to place header text and body text in .... Free download of Million Dollar Pixels 60207

iAward 60813-0811 Inc.    

... starting giving out your own 'site award. ' Visitors will be sent special HTML code which they ... a great way to get noticed, and your visitors will appreciate the attention you give them. .... Free download of iAward 60813-0811

HomePage2 2.50901 Inc.    

With this script you can give users access to their own page and update it when they wish to. . . perhaps a member's section on a group web site, or maybe allow users to leave their own mark. The script allows the uploading of a single picture-- the user can .... Free download of HomePage2 2.50901

FileCABINET 50722-2130 Inc.    

... news-reader will let them know. Also allow your visitors to download an OPML file for subscribing to all programs in the database at once. Create a Froogle upload file in one step! It meets Google's specifications, meaning a faster turn-around time to get your products listed on Froogle. FileCABINET also .... Free download of FileCABINET 50722-2130

iTreePad 60419-2317 Inc.    

... Simply upload your TreePad file in ASCII, and visitors can browse your TreePad the way it was meant to be seen: as a tree. This script allows you to open up whatever HJT files are located in the directory. If you have a family tree file, a journal, some notes, .... Free download of iTreePad 60419-2317

Questionnaire 50706-1201 Inc.    

... Perl script is sure to attract many new visitors who are excited to participate with your interactive content!New!A new feature lets you create special formulas for complex form results. For example, if you need to add certain answers, subtract others, multiply, divide, etc. process an email address, send to recipients, .... Free download of Questionnaire 50706-1201

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