HAPdataServer 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup     update

... is a handy application that allows you to view the information from the CATraxx database. You can use it as a standalone program and connect to a certain database. It is recommended that you backup you .... Free download of HAPdataServer 10.10

HAPaudio Player 10.51 Thomas Hamstrup     update

... that is designed to be used with the CATraxx application in order to view more information about a certain song. When you play music using this application you can also view the information stored in the CATraxx database. The player has a very flexible interface ... displayed information. If you run the program while CATraxx is running, the database open in CATraxx will .... Free download of HAPaudio Player 10.51

HAPtemplateOverview 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... handy and reliable utility that is designed to view the details of the templates used by the CATraxx application. For each template, you can see which Classes, HREFs, IMG's etc. are used. For each of these items, you can see in .... Free download of HAPtemplateOverview 10.10

HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... a handy application designed to work with the CATraxx program in order to view and to clear the song playlists history. You ... program or you can add in to the CATraxx sites list. CATraxx must be running when you are using the ... history for certain artists or for the entire database. It is recommended to perform a simulation before .... Free download of HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10

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