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Geo Router 1.0 Verigio Communications    

A geography based router that can work with a single network card having a single IP address. This is a perfect router for the cloud environment when partitioning or isolation of country specific network traffic is needed. It acts as a server by receiving traffic from anywhere and forwarding it to .... Free download of Geo Router 1.0

DNS Firewall 4.0 Verigio Communications    

This easy-to-use DNS Firewall is what many people are looking for when it comes to monitoring DNS traffic and blocking specific domains. It is implemented as an application and allows loading of DNS blocking rules just by clicking on files containing the DNS rules. Switching between different sets of rules - .... Free download of DNS Firewall 4.0

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Geo Firewall 1.20 Verigio Communications    

This is a simple and yet reliable protection from accidentally accessing Internet websites located in at-risk geographical countries. Save your preferences into a file and load when you need it. 200+ countries and territories. It blocks all TCP/IP and UDP/IP traffic coming out/in from/to computer. Up until recently, the geographical blocking .... Free download of Geo Firewall 1.20

Portable DNS Cache and Firewall 2.44 Verigio Communications    

Monitor, block, and cache DNS requests locally. Use wildcards to specify the names to be blocked or allowed. Save rules and load them with a single click on a file. Use different modes to record requests into the DNS cache, to playback, and other useful features. Monitor DNS requests resolved or .... Free download of Portable DNS Cache and Firewall 2.44

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