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Sidewinder 7.77 AC-Tek    

... is a comprehensive program that enables you to design complex conveyor systems of any length, drive configuration or geometry. It features an intuitive, if ... latest development tools, in addition to incorporating conveyor design calculations from multiple recognized sources. It includes a ... great choice for any engineer who wishes do design complex conveyor systems as efficiently as possible. It .... Free download of Sidewinder 7.77

Sidewinder Conveyor Design 6.0 Advanced Conveyor Technologies    

... developed from the ground up using the latest software development tools and years of conveyor design experience. The program can handle conveyors of any length, geometry, and drive configuration. It incorporates a wide range of conveyor design calculations from both international standards and many published technical papers. Whether you're new to conveyor design, or an expert with years of experience, Sidewinder .... Free download of Sidewinder Conveyor Design 6.0

Ciclo VBelt 3.02 Ciclo Software Ltd.    

... advanced engineering tool that allows you create V-belt drive designs in a quick, accurate and reliable manner. Developed ... provides complete solutions and detailed reports for all design requirements. With a wide range of construction options, Ciclo VBelt generates drive designs that are perfectly compatible with the products of ... perform 4 simultaneous tasks in real time: 1) Drive components selection 2) V-belt drive drawing 3) Operational .... Free download of Ciclo VBelt 3.02

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