USB Alert 1.2.1 EZH-Automation    

With this software you can't forget your USB stick anymore. It sounds and shows an alarm ... you lock or shutdown your computer while the USB stick is still connected. .... Free download of USB Alert 1.2.1

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USB Image Tool Alexander Beug     update

USB Image Tool can create images of USB memory sticks and MP3 players, that are mounted as USB drives. USB Image Tool allows you switch between images with ... to make an exact backup image of your USB Stick. Features * create image files of USB flash drives * restore images of USB flash .... Free download of USB Image Tool

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USB Disk Ejector Quick And Easy Software    

A program that allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It was originally designed to remove only USB pen drives but will now eject any USB or firewire device that windows sees as a ... and is very useful if you have a USB flash/pen drive, especially if you use a menu .... Free download of USB Disk Ejector

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USB Shutter 1.0 Sourceforge    

USB Shutter is a small, easy to use tool specially designed to help you disable the USB drives on your computer. .... Free download of USB Shutter 1.0

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USB Shutter 64 bit 1.0 Sourceforge    

USB Shutter x64 is a small, easy to use tool specially designed to help you disable the USB drives on your computer. .... Free download of USB Shutter 64 bit 1.0

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USB Autorun 1.1.2 Helioxware    

USB Autorun is a utility software to execute programs, scripts and files when a specific USB device is attached. It is programed in the ... you need to copy/move files from camera or usb sticks or open an specific application when it ... Studio. Main features: * Pair a USB device with a file to execute when the .... Free download of USB Autorun 1.1.2

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USB Guardian 4.4.0 USB Guardian     update

USB Guardian is a special software application that prevents ... to safely enjoy file sharing using just an USB thumb drive for copying the files . Movies, ... of getting infected with worms and viruses trough USB drive. The interface is very clean and well ... effort. You can find more details about how USB Guardian protects your PC against worms and viruses .... Free download of USB Guardian 4.4.0

USB Redirector for Linux 2.8.2 Incentives Pro    

USB Redirector for Linux. This new unique software product allows to share any USB device to use them over local network or Internet. To share USB device plugged into computer with Linux OS you just need to install USB Redirector into your system. Your system must have ... and higher so you could use the product. USB Redirector for Linux also requires the support of .... Free download of USB Redirector for Linux 2.8.2

USB Disk Security Zbshareware Limited    

USB Disk Security provides protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. It delivers high level of protection against ... and prevents unauthorized persons from stealing your data. USB Disk Security is the best security software to protect offline computer without the need for .... Free download of USB Disk Security

USB WriteProtector 1.2 Werner Rumpeltesz     new

USB WriteProtector enables or disables the write protection for all USB devices of the running system, e.g. USB sticks or external USB hard disks. .... Free download of USB WriteProtector 1.2

RDP Defender 1.1 JWTS    

... minute. Stop the constant attacks right now: install RDP Defender takes less than 30 seconds and will ... of course configure it to match your needs. RDP Defender latest major release. With RDP Defender, start protecting your server today. TSplus is .... Free download of RDP Defender 1.1

USB Redirector Client 6.9 Incentives Pro     update

This software product allows to use shared USB devices remotely on any computer in a LAN, ... if they are connected to this PC directly! USB Redirector allows resolving all your tasks occured while using remote USB devices very quickly! USB Redirector can act as both USB server and USB client. Separate FREE USB client .... Free download of USB Redirector Client 6.9

USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.3 Authorsoft    

USB flash drives hold everything from personal and medical ... being small and rugged enough for keychain duty. USB Disk Storage Format Tool utility allows you to quickly and thoroughly format virtually any USB flash drive with your choice of FAT, FAT32, ... partition errors if any. Create volume label for USB disk drives. Scan drive for errors before formatting. .... Free download of USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.3

USB Flash Drive Format Tool 1.0 Rogosoft Corporation    

USB Drive Format Tool is a tiny freeware utility designed for formatting any USB storage devices (USB Flash drive, USB stick, USB pen drive, USB portable drive, and SDCard) in FAT, FAT32, exFAT, ... get started, you will need to connect the USB device that you intend to work with to ... main screen. Users simply need to specify the USB device they wish to format, select the file .... Free download of USB Flash Drive Format Tool 1.0

USB Blocker for Windows 4.0 SecurityXploded     update

Windows USB Blocker is the free tool to quickly Block or Unblock USB Storage Devices on any Windows system. USB devices are one of the primary causes for ... it is risky to allow others to insert USB stick (often infected with virus) into your system. Hence it is always advised to disable USB when you are not around. In such cases, .... Free download of USB Blocker for Windows 4.0

USB Flash Security 4.1.13 Kashu System Design Inc.     update

Add encryption to USB Flash Drive on the market. It locks by the password by only removing! Data in a USB Flash Drive is protected by a password.Useful Security Tool. Features: [Install on USB Flash Drive] Install the tool which is for unlocking security on USB Flash Drive, so security can be unlocked by .... Free download of USB Flash Security 4.1.13

RDP Shield 1.0.0 VPSBlocks Pty Ltd    

RDP Brute Force Protection for Windows servers and computers. ... brute force attacks by installing the 100% free RDP Shield. Features include the ability to set the ... time you would like to block the attacker. RDP Shield runs as a service and protects your ... With a large rise in hacking attempts via RDP particularly in 2014, and no built-in Windows product .... Free download of RDP Shield 1.0.0

USB Manager 2.05 Makesoft     new

... Windows utility that can quickly enable and disable USB ports. It has interface and runs from the ... main graphical form. It allows users to control USB devices such as, storage, printers, scanners, audio, and ... devices and password protect it. Once done, all USB inserted in your computer will fail to work. .... Free download of USB Manager 2.05

USB Flash Drives Control    

USB Flash Drives Control is a small and easy ... access to control the way in which the USB flash drives are used on your computer. USB Flash Drives Control offers four operating modes: Enable USB Flash Drives - This is the default Windows setting. USB Flash drives are allowed. Deny Execute Mode - .... Free download of USB Flash Drives Control

Opera USB 12.18 Opera USB     update

... the Desktop version, but can be run on USB Flashdrive/Stick/Pen, and also as secondary browser on hard ... inside tabs When you hover the mouse pointer over a tab, a preview shows you the content of that page. When you stack tabs, hovering over a stack also shows a preview of the .... Free download of Opera USB 12.18

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XFast USB 3.02.38 ASRock Inc.    

ASRock XFast USB Technology redefines the new standard in high performance ... engineers to make immediate boosts possible – XFast USB Technology instantly accelerates performance for the best possible ... be the pioneer in motherboard industry, ASRock XFast USB Series Motherboards integrate with the latest XFast USB Technology which delivers the world's fastest USB data .... Free download of XFast USB 3.02.38

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A Bootable USB beta    

... The solution is, you can create a bootable USB drive which can be used to install Windows without using DVD drive. .... Free download of A Bootable USB beta

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Panda USB Vaccine Panda Security    

... AutoRun file on these devices. Panda USB Vaccine is a free solution designed to protect ... AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices: Vaccine for computers: ... etc.) is infected or not. Vaccine for USB devices: This is a ‘vaccine' for removable USB .... Free download of Panda USB Vaccine

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USB Webserver 8.5 USBWebserver    

... of USBWebserver is, you can use it from USB of even CD USBWebserver is perfect for: Show a offline version of your website Anywhere and anytime develop php websites No need for expensive hosting Working at multiple locations at projects A good test before putting your website online .... Free download of USB Webserver 8.5

usb-cubby 1.2 Alex Ermolaev    

Introducing usb-cubby is comprehensive manager to keep all the usernames ... useful to keep this software and data on USB stick. The same software for other platforms are coming soon. .... Free download of usb-cubby 1.2

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