Donglify 1.0.12 Electronic Team, Inc.     new

Donglify is a software tool that allows USB security keys to be shared over the Internet. Licensed USB dongles can be used and managed remotely by network-attached ... port redirection technology is employed to enable the dongle’s functionality to be forwarded to any environment with ... SSL encryption. Donliify offers an efficient method of sharing USB dongles among multiple computers without requiring any .... Free download of Donglify 1.0.12

FlexiHub for Linux 3.0 Eltima Software    

FlexiHub is a software that enables you to access and manage USB devices remotely over network. Thus, for example, you ... from home or access the contents of a USB dongle attached to your colleague’s PC, as long as ... works as a control panel for all shared USB devices in the network forming a hardware cloud .... Free download of FlexiHub for Linux 3.0

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