Hallo northern sky 4.1.6c Han Kleijn     update

"Hallo northern sky" or HNSKY is a planetarium program for windows. Have a try. It is free with 26000 deepsky objects and all stars to magnitude 12 and with the original GSC CD's, GSC-ACT or the USNO UCAC2 to magnitude 16. It displays all planets, the Moon, Sun, moons of Saturn, .... Free download of Hallo northern sky 4.1.6c

StarStrider 2.8.7 FMJ-Software    

... Doppler-shift effects - travel in a true Einsteinean universe rather than in Newtonian fashion. - Use controllers (mice, keyboard, joysticks c) for steering your star-ship - fully configurable controls! - Scripting engine and StarLua extension language. - A scientifically accurate planetarium - made by an astronomer and a software engineer .... Free download of StarStrider 2.8.7

PDF to Flash Converter Themes For World Map 1.0 PDF to Flash Converter Ltd.    

... the earth is with seven continents. In world map themes we are going to show you three ... and 3D earth in front of you. The universe is so beautiful and we are easy to ... space. How about reading a flipping book about universe together with the wonderful earth movement themes in .... Free download of PDF to Flash Converter Themes For World Map 1.0

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